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Please Welcome The Latest and Youngest Millionaire !

Meet Olayinka Adekunle, one of the newest and youngest member of Millionaire Club in Forever Living Nigeria.

Members of Millionaire Club are those who earn a Million Naira plus on monthly basis as a Forever Business Owner.

Listen carefully as he shares his story of why and how he took the bold step to achieve what many see as IMPOSSIBLE!

Question: What was your Drive considering your background?

I studied Banking and Finance with a strong 2.1 and i had every reason to get a secular
Job like my friends did.

But sometimes as you grow older in life, you need to be honest and bold enough to tell yourself the naked truth many are afraid of admitting.

My Dad really inspired me when i was younger to work in the bank because i just love the coperate dressing i see when i visit my dad
in his bank.

But when my dad retired from the banking industry after working for 27 years with NOTHING to show for it, I became worried and gradually decided to search for a better way because i hate to end up with nothing like it happened to someone close to me.

And finally when i found a better way from a friend of mine who is an FBO who had the kind of lifestyle i envied, i then experienced severe discouragement from my family members, they called meetings upon meetings on why i need to stop.

The long story short, they challenge was so heavy that instead of quiting, i decided to use all their attacks as reason to succeed.

Fortunately, 2 months ago, my sisters came to my house and they said a prayer in my presence that they all thank God that while they
were fighting me to stop this business, i never listened to them!

Today, i thank God, i am a member of millionaires club, not because am better than many people, but because i do NOT BELIEVE in impossibility!

Wow !!!!

Olakunle story surely proves that :

1. You don’t need to bag untold number of degrees to earn an income as significant as a million Naira plus monthly,

2. You do not need to spend years building another man’s dream only to end up with nothing much when you can spend the same years to build your own dreams.

3. You do not need to steal or defraud people either directly or indirectly to succeed financially, all you need to do is to find a legal business on earth to do and if you can’t find one, you can join us to learn how you can turn your Annual Income to a Monthly income and earn globally right from Nigeria or anywhere you are in the world.

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Do you have questions you will like to share? Please share it and dont forget to share this information with your friends and family who may likely need such income for something very important.

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