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Why you need Dream Killers to Succeed

Dream Killers. Am sure you once hated them with passion right? Well, now you are going to have a rethink in some few minutes from now. Yes, that is an assurance.

Fist who are DREAM KILLERS?

This can be defined as group of people or an individual set at seeing why your dreams or vision should / can not fly or why your dreams is not achievable.

When we say Dream- we mean those things you plan to achieve in your life time, like those big goals.

Just to get things cleared, Dreams are NOT what you see when fall asleep, like you about cashing $ 1 Million US dollars from an Atm in Atalanta U.S.A when you are proudly residing in real time in Ajegunle of Lagos state Nigeria.  Ok.

So, when you have the real DREAM and you have dream killers come your way, do you hate them just because you know they are very harmful to your success?

In fact, how do you identify  a Dream Killer in the first place.

A dream Killer necessarily does not need to come in form of  a stranger. They come and wear the shape and the look of a trusted friend – your biological brother, your blood sister, your uncle who have been sending money to you and buying gift for you when you were a little kid. The list is endless!

Their aim ? To help you see why you CAN NOT Do what you have planned to do. Most times they advice you based their opinion founded on FEAR. And other times, they advice you because they cant imagine you no longer coming to them for financial assistance if by chance you end up succeeding in your dreams.

With that, they end up giving you logical reasons why you can NOT achieve your dreams. Like Mr Tope Akinola would always say when he was just starting out as an entrepreneur as a student of LASU in our business, he said, his lecturer in Epe Campus told him the geographically reasons why he will fail.His friends told him the topologically reasons why he will fail. The indigenes of Epe told him the spiritual reasons why he would fail. His fiance told him the economical reason why he would fail.

And he said, ok. I have heard. and just like the DEAF FROG out of a frog of 10 set out to climb a mountain, he CHOSE to IGNORE and today- he is a SUCCESS! You can learn more from his site

Now, do you really need to hate those dream killers with all your strength and passion?  In my own view, i think hating them is too much energy wasted in the wrong direction.

Here is why.  When you step out in the dark at night and look straight into the skies, what do you see? You see the stars shining, When do they shine brightest? In the dark.  This means for the stars to shine brightest, there must be darkness. Without Darkness, you can NOT see the brightest of a star.

In a similar way, without Dream Killers representing Darkness, you can not see yourself shining as a STAR. That is succeeding in your Dreams.

This therefore means, if you MUST SUCCEED, in your Dreams, you need DREAM Killers, representing Darkness so that your brightness can all around you.

Now, you can see that for you to succeed in your Business, in your relationship, in your marriage, in any field or in our Business, you need to have good number of people representing Dream Killers telling you Why you CANT DO IT.

You need to have them occupying their position in their destination so that YOU CAN SUCCEED!

Now, if you have enough DREAM KILLERS, and you are looking for a Business to help you achieve your Dreams, you are qualified to work with us now.

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1 thought on “Why you need Dream Killers to Succeed”

  1. Dont FAIL because you have the list of Dream Killers handy, or you have a factory made Dream Killer next door, rather it makes more sense if you choose to Succeed because they Exist. So as to use them as the motivating factor to help you reach your Dreams. Its in YOUR HANDS.

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