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Why some Couples May Find it Hard To Conceive

In our years, of helping TTC couples to conceive naturally, we have met men who are extraordinarily supportive to their wives to make sure they achieve their main goal of conceiving, however we have met men who are extremely opposite

In our years, of helping TTC couples to conceive naturally, we have met men who are extraordinarily supportive to their wives to make sure they achieve their main goal of carrying their baby with their 2 hands. Big kudos to such Men and God bless your home abundantly as in you are doing well in macaroni’s voice 🙂 .

However, we also have some men who are extremely difficult , not ready to listen or learn about how to solve their issues, as in very very impossible 🤦‍♂️ and we can only but feel the pain their wives will be going through in the name of solving their fertility issues together as a couple.

Just 2 days ago, i was privileged to chat with one of such men. This man got our number from Facebook, he sent a whatsApp message around 11pm Nigerian time, i was busy at the moment and the next thing after 30 seconds he place a whatsApp call. I declined the call, and sent message to him he should send text and no calls because its late.

He replied and said, he called because no one responded to him. No problem, just send text. He sent another message and about 10 seconds later he placed another Whatsapp call. I declined the 2nd time, and sent a message, please calls not accepted, send your message, he replied that he called because he didn’t get a response?
Would you believe this man get a 3rd time again after sending another message because of 20 seconds delay?

Was like : Oh my world , who da …. ? Never mind.

But seriously? You sent a message to an organization by 11 pm and you expect them to respond to you right there and then ? HELLO… We are flesh and blood like you, we get tired and sleep naturally like others , we are no robots.

Ok. How may we be of help we asked our never stop calling client , he replied and said he has been trying to conceive for the past 3 years and nothing is forth coming so what should he buy to solve his problem.

We replied, we are sorry about your issue, however, what test have you done for the past 3 years so as to know the cause of the delay ? Because infertility is caused by so many factors, such as low sperm count, high blood pressure, fibroid , ovarian cyst, blocked Fallopian tubes, PID, infections and so on just to mention a few. And these factors causing delays all have different approach, so we need to know what exactly the issue is so that we can solve it.

This man replied, that what he wants is what he can use to solve his problem and i should stop asking him if he has done test before and tell him what he will do to solve his problem.

Hmmm 🤔 … What can i do to help this man understand better i asked myself ? So i thought of asking him what he does for a living so as to help me see why understanding a clients background will help in giving the right recommendation..

So i asked “what do you do for a living Sir “. He said he is a business man. What line of business Sir i asked. he replied, business is business, he sells any stuffs.

I replied, Business is not business, you need to specify what line of business you are into, kidnapping is a business, ritualist is also business, scammers are also doing business, so when you say you are into business you need to let us know the type of business you are into.

The man replied, is that what will help me solve my infertility issue? We replied, yes, we need to know so as to help you get the point of what we have been saying about reason why you need to do a test if you have been TTC for years so that we can give you recommendations that will tackle those issues after which no doubt, you and your sweetheart will welcome a bouncing baby boy / girl / twins or triplets, .

This man saw the message and left angrily.

Now just had to replay what must have been happening for the past years in his marriage, this is a man married with a wife TTC for about 3 years, Imagine him refusing to go for test believing nothing is wrong with him, but his wife. Going from one pillar to post asking for solutions to infertility without knowing what they are treating.

Imagine going to your medical Doctor to demand for drugs to take without allowing your Doctor to run test to know what your problem is so as to know what exactly to treat.

At the end such men will fall for those pastors who will claim someone from the village is responsible for their fertility issue and ask them to bring all their inheritance in their quest for the fruit of the womb.

If you are married to such men, God will surely comfort you and give you the wisdom to cope. Its not easy, and we can only imagine.

This is it , if you have been TTC for up to a year plus, resist the urge to engage in the trial and error approach, you may end up frustrated, just like when your car is not starting you go to a mechanic for check up so as to know what the problem is, same way you need to go to your doctor or an hospital to run a Fertility test on you, HSG for women and sperm test for men and other related test to rule out HP and so on, now based on the your test results you can now know what your Fertility issue is.

Then you can come to us with your results and by God’s grace we can now know what to recommend for you .

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