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WHO findings on the Doctor who died in PH of Ebola

Doctor who died in Port Harcourt of Ebola August 22, 2014

Here is what World Health Organization(WHO), has to say about the Doctor who died from Ebola in Port Harcourt on August 22, 2014.

“Prior to hospitalization, the physician had numerous contacts with the community, as relatives and friends visited his home to celebrate the birth of a baby…
During his six days in hospital before dying on Aug. 22, he came into contact with the members of his church and was “attended by the majority of the hospital’s health care staff…
The Nigerian doctor with Ebola carried on treating patients and met scores of friends, relatives and medics before his death, leaving about 60 of them at high risk of infection…
Members of his church visited him in hospital in the oil hub Port Harcourt and performed a healing ceremony “said to involve the laying on of hands””

My thought on this is simple:

When we talk about Preventive measures, who are those expected to observe them? YOU!

It is not necessarily the responsibility of a “Doctor” to explain to you why only you must do your best to take care of your health.

Gone are the days when people come around and say words like

” But my Doctor said is not that bad if i …. once a while”.

Who told you your Doctor is your God? Doctors too die of IGNORANCE and worse of all careless stupidity! Gosh!

We are not here saying you should not meet your doctors in case you need medical attention, however, we are saying when they are offering you medical advice, receive it with your  THINKING CAP ON, Not Switched off !!

Before the history of EBOLA VIRUS, Medical Doctors have been caught several times smoking, even when they know the effect on their Liver.

Doctors have been dieing of Hypertension and many terrible diseases!

Preventive Tips can not be over emphasized, FEAR will not cure the Spread of the Dread Ebola, Proper Education on How to Prevent Ebola will.

May God help us all.

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