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How to Drive Traffic to your FLP 360 Online Portal

 How to Drive Traffic to your FLP 360 Online Portal

This article is strictly for FLP Distributors who are ready to run their Forever business online professionally. We will be highlighting some frequently asked questions from distributors about setting up your FLP 360 properly and how to drive traffic to it.

about What NEXT after subscribing for FLP 360

Before going into how to drive traffic to your FLP 360 online portal, lets have a better understanding of what FLP 360 is all about.

Some months ago, an FLP distributor in Nigeria sent us a message that she thinks she wasted her money by subscribing for MyFLP Business suite ( now FLP 360 ) because through out her annual subscription, she did NOT generate any result from it.

Our Response:

So sorry Ma that you did not get good result from your subscription of the My FLP Business suite.
But may i ask,  did you by chance LEARN how to use this service before you subscribed for it and what were you told this portal will do for you?

Her Response:

Well, my upline told me that if i subscribe for the service, it would help me to build my FLP business online plus i would be able to get more signups and products sales from international countries and it would help add flesh to my total case credit.

Our Response:

Was that ALL your upline told you about the Service?

Yes, she replied, or is there any other thing am missing? Please i would appreciate if you can educate me.

For the benefits of this curious lady and millions of Super FLP Diamonds using the FLP 360 platform, here are just some few little details that makes a BIG difference you need to know about using the FLP 360 online portal (formally My FLP Business Suite).

What is the FLP 360 Portal?

In  simplest terms the FLP 360 Portal is an online portal that allows your prospects or online visitors to signup with you or shop from you online by clicking on their Countries in the JOIN NOW navigation link or clicking on their countries in the SHOP NOW navigation link.

The JOIN NOW navigation links
The SHOP NOW navigation links on FLP 360 Portal

This platform also allows all FBO’s who are registered with FLP360 , to actually see the performance of all their team members to the deepest generations.

That to me is AWESOME!

Now aside from the JOIN NOW and SHOP NOW codes there are other links that visitors may click on. These links serve the purpose of motivating your visitors to the action of clicking on the JOIN US or SHOP NOW button.

If you look at the other links critically, you will find out as well that the contents can be edited and replaced with your personalized information. Like where you have the “My Story”.

Now, having gone through the basis of what FLP 360 is all about, what important steps must you take for this platform to work for you?

Two Steps that guarantees your Success using FLP 360 

1. Sponsor yourself to all the available online countries

Immediately after taking your FLP Business online, you MUST do you best to sponsor yourself to all the 28 countries or the number of countries currently activated for online business with FLP.

This  you can find in the JOIN NOW list.

Sponsor yourself to all 28 countries online in the list 

This must be done urgently. Why because your business is already online. And any of your prospects who sees their country available in the your list of countries where they can do business will not seek your permission before joining, and worst still, they wont also seek your permission before shopping.

And as we all know, FLP expect YOU to sponsor yourself to countries before you can start earning from that Country. So in order for you to have your case credits properly accounted for, it is best for you to sponsor yourself to all the countries in the list.

2. Build Traffic and valuable contents around your FLP 360 (or FLP referral link )

Imagine you have just bought 100 packet of  your FLP application forms signed and endorsed at the sponsor section with your FLP ID number, your name and signature.

Now, will you just go to the streets and distribute these application forms out randomly with the expectation that those who receive it just magically signup and pick up the business like BIG DREAMERS or they just magically start requesting for Argi Plus and all the relevant healthy products?

Hell no ! That will really be some long BIG wish from the from the fantasy island. No one will magically do that out of the blues except the person REQUESTED for it.

Your FLP 360 Platform is just like that pack of application forms duly signed by you. You don’t just activate your subscription and expect people to go to it because you randomly gave it to them.

You need to build traffic to it. 

You share your experience and expertise through your own personalized domain using preferably a Website blog .

Now, imagine you have all your valuable knowledge shared on your website blog and your visitors searches online and finds it informative, THAT will move them to either BUY from you OR JOIN YOU.

Iike in my case, Multi Maca is one of Forever Living Products as we all know, but with my website blog, through an article i wrote, i have been able to make incredible sales of Multi Maca.

30,486 Page view on Multi Maca 

Now, did prospects just start calling me that they needed multi maca through FLP referal link? No! i shared values outside the short description of Multi Maca as explained on Forever Living link to
Multi Maca.

Same logic goes here when an online prospects decides to either JOIN ME or SHOP through me online.

I don’t just flaunt my FLP online presence at the front end. I share loads of values related to health and share tips on why they need this kind of business.

With that, they have already been SOLD to that idea, then they are prepared and ready to find and do their part by either joining me or shopping from me.

A good example was a Lawyer based in Ikeja who after digesting some interest health tips on my site, he decided to make payment of N150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty thousand Naira ) for different selection of FLP Products to my Bank account even when we have not met.

When you build REAL VALUE on your blog at the front end, your prospects who saw you online will have confidence in you. and when they have confidence in you, they can buy and join your FLP business without hesitation.

A good point to remember too is,when you attend seminars offline, you will NEVER catch a professional trainer like Mr John Ekperigin holding a training where what he does first is telling you about Forever Living Products…

No, he will save the best for the last. He will surely feed your mind in wild wonder of how to DREAM BIG…relating experiences of how unreliable it is to rely 100% on this present economy  ….

Before finally unveiling the FLP BUSINESS

By then, all the mental toxins that naturally come blocking their reasons to be part of FLP Family would have been flushed out into nothingness.

With a CLEAR MIND free from excuses ranging from doing similar thing before that didnt work, now they will have no option than to KEY IN with FLP Business.

So, if you must be online using your FLP360 Platform, DONT CHEAT on yourself by just been there, be there fully by driving traffic to it .

Below is a pictorial view of how 
FLP Online presence connects with our website Blog

On our website blog, we have been able to do our best to integrate all FLP   JOIN US NOW codes the right way.  If you are tech savvy, you can easily play around it. Trust me it wont bite.

Same goes with the SHOP NOW codes. 

We also went as far to integrate the FLP codes based on individual products, as you will find in Multi Maca. you can click here to see the shop now section.

Below is the latest new look we are wearing on our most widely viewed HealthFirstPro,com

If you love to really take your FLP Business online like we have done, then i can connect you with the right  Department can help you build a befitting and cost effective online presence that will attract quality prospects to your Forever Living business online using your FLP 360 Platform  so that they can do business with you with all confidence.

You will also get a blog that is SEO (Search Engine Optimized ) which will enable you build your valuable contents around it.

Your Visitors are Really waiting for you online. Make those Case Credit count, the SMART WAY.

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