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What Can You See ?

This is a very interesting piece i got from  an ever vibrant youth in town named Punchline!

You can spot him in the middle with a carton of FAB Energy Drink right on his head.

The Question again is:  WHAT CAN YOU SEE ?

Virtually everyone around me knows the business I am into but they have never for once associated me with “hawking of drugs” and that’s because “hawking of drugs” is NOT what the Forever business is about. 

As a Forever Business Owner, you are an internationally recognized brand ambassador. You can liken yourself to a Banky W singing the 0809ja song, a Tiwa Savage in
an MTN advert or a Wizkid on a Pepsi billboard.

A celebrity, that’s who u are and that’s why the bonuses are just as mouthwatering as what the big brands pay to the Davidos and DBanjs and also the trips are the same destinations where the Kardashians, Jay Z n Bey spend their vacations in. 

Yes, there might be a few people out there who might be misrepresenting the brand and its for 2 reasons;

either because they don’t know who they are or they don’t understand what the business is really about.

I apologize on their behalf.

Work is currently going on on them. 

The business is way too far from buying and selling, its about touching lives, spreading love, living the good life, building lasting relationships, learning new things, travelling the world and my personal favorite, leaving an inheritance for generations to

There are thousands of benefits to discover only if you can take your eyes off the products. Like my mentor Mr Tope Akinola says “the day this business comes down to just buying and selling, I’m out”

and I can say that for me too. 

#OnlyTypeOfLivingIKnow #
LifeChangingGroup #LokeLokeLamamalo #MidnightPost 

We don’t even sell drugs naa thats for the sickness industry. 
We create FREEDOM!

and that is exactly why we have a step higher to create what we know today as the Automated Marketing System …

a better way to “Funkify” your Business 

Do you have some few words to add to what you have learnt so far? Please feel free to add your comments below.

P.S: If you need to have a taste of how to have all the Fun in your Network Marketing Business or Forever Living Business using the Automated Marketing System 

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