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What will you do if you found a Gold Bracelet without a Shepherd ?

What willl you do if you found a Gold bracelet 
sitting all alone without a caring shepherd?

Will you pretend to be blind by acting Steven Wander or will you just ponder over we have to say next?

We dont need to be “perfect” to understand the side effects of stealing, neither do we have to be born in Samaria before we can return a lost sheep. However, what exactly constitutes Stealing? Is Stealing determined by the value of object taken, the motive behind the object taken or the circustance surronding the object taken?

About 3 weeks ago, after spending some hours with my family shopping in Shoprite Mall in Alausa Ikeja, on our way in search of Where to get Daviva material, i saw a gold bracelet, lieing helplessly on the floor. Thanks to Forever Vision, it took me less than 60 seconds to identify the glittering object in the semi dark corridor.

I picked it up to confirm it was real, and really, it was a solid Gold bracelet, not a golden bracelet! But unfortunately, it was misplaced by one of those ladies who finds it hard to quickly detect when their high heels sneeaks out from their feet …

Now What will you do if it was you? Be honest.

Will you thank God and say , Oh God has finally answered my prayer, afterall, i did not steal it from shoprite, neither did i steal it from any shopritess ( name for a lady who shops at shoprite) so, i will simply pocket it and sell it so that i can get enough money to start a business or perhaps use the money to complete my 4CC active for the month ( for those in FLP Biz), since what my mentor told me is that, “its all about the CCs!

Is that what you will do??? Well, what did i do?

Here is what i did…

Knowing this bracelet will be grateful to find its rightful owner, i decided to walk up to the closest store and asked for the Lost and Found department from a security man standing next to the store and he told me there is none. You mean the whole of Shoprite does not have a lost and found department? I asked. Yes Sir, there is none, he replied.

What da heck? This got me sick for some seconds because i couldnt imagine why a mall as big as shoprite are ready to have close to 100 security men whose work is surely to reduce stolen items but they could not think of  hiring 1 security man to be incharge of missing items?

Honestly, it only shows the level of pessimism running in some organisations.

So, as i was trying to wakeup from the dissapointing remark by the security man, a female attendant walked up to me and asked, Sir, did  you find something ? Yes i replied and i also need to find a lost and found department… Sorry Sir, we only have securities around here, she replied and quickly she asked  “did you find it in our Store maybe we can keep it for the owner?”

No i did not. i replied. When she saw i was not ready to part with the bracelet, she retreated. And then, i listened to the security man who suggested i can follow him to their head of security office not so far away. So that i can be sure, it was properly handed over to where they can radio the mall and so on.

I agreed to follow, and to my surprise, the not so far away office became an endless journey of different turnings that my wife and baby girl could not hold it any more. I almost gave up but i managed to plead with them so that i can atleast drop this item in a place that looks safe.

And finally, we got to the office room, where we met  2 gentlemen and a lady . So the security man who lead us there informed them that i found a bracelet around the premises and i insisted on dropping it in the right place.

They welcomed me and thanked me for been kind enough to pick it up with the intention of helping the owner find it. So they collected my name and number and promised to do their best to help the rightful owner pick it up via their radio broadcast across the mall.

Why did i go that far for what i wont earn a dime on?  
One thing is clear, i have invested so much time in my personal developement that  i have been able to train my mind so well that other members follow.

Will you go that far? 
You may and you may not, but i bet you, you dont need to be perfect, to make some bold decisions. All you need is a well trained mind equipped with enough mental capacity to make the right decison. A mind that is not carried away with selfish gains. A mind that can boldly stand  for what is right even in the presence of thousands of negative minds…

When you invest enough time in your personal development geared towards training your mind, you will never find it difficult to stand for what is right!  

If you love to walk in the light of the spirit of a sound mind,
Feel free to Work With our Team NOW!

Stay Healthy,

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