Real Testimony from clients like you after using our Fertility Therapies

Hello Friend, 

We welcome you once again , as you may already know, my name is SEUN BANJO, a Wellness & Fertility Coach. 

I want to assure you that regardless of how long you have been trying to conceive without seeing any result , by Gods grace, this will surely be your last bus stop ! 

You will also share your testimony this year like others who used our products did after following our recommendation. 

We have helped hundreds of couples locally and internationally to solve their fertility issues using natural and organic therapies.


Hi friend,

As you must have known, my name is Seun Banjo, a Fertility coach and one of the admin of Women & Men Trying To Conceive on Facebook & Whatsapp.


And YES we have helped hundreds of couples to conceive naturally without spending money on IVF or other expensive surgery with side effects.


You can also get to know more about how i got into this ministry of helping couples to conceive by getting a copy of the PREGNANCY SUCCESS Ebook i wrote here


 So If you are new with us, you can see some of our more recent testimonies below :




























Because of space, we decided to share only few of many of our recent testimonies of those who used our Fertility organic paks and conceive. 

So if it can work for them there is no reason it should not work for you except you don’t want it to work for you.

So if you have chatted with us already either via our Facebook page or Whatsapp Fertility group, then you can go ahead and make your orders right away.

As always, we expect that you must have discussed with us about your fertility issue after which we recommend what to do for you.

If you have done that, you can then go ahead and make your payment to our company bank account, after which you send the snapshot of your payment on our Whatsapp Fertility Group.

🌟 How To Order 🛒  

After confirming from any of the Admins of Women & Men Trying To Conceive Whatsapp group, the total amount and availability of the Fertility Packages you are ordering, then feel free to :



Bank Name – GTBank
Account Number -0051934449

After making payment, make sure you send snapshot of your payment to us on whatsapp or send your details through sms to : 

2348067477494 OR email : info@healthfirstpro.com 

The payment details you are to send are :

PromoCode # : NG000994809
1#. Your full name
2#. Amount Paid 
3#. Package paid for 
4#. Date of payment 
5#. Phone number
6#. Email address
7#. Detailed Delivery address 

💫 Remember, Offer valid while stocks last ❗

Your Fertility Coach,

Call |Sms |Whatsapp : 
☎ 2348067477494
☎ 2348156564141
☎ 2348029494323
☎ 2348134253429

P.S :  If you are new with us, then visit the website below to see how others successfully made their orders with ease : 



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