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Seun Banjo

Wellness Enthusiast & Fertility coach

Welcome to our fertility testimonials page. We want to assure you that regardless of how long you have been trying to conceive without seeing any result , by Gods grace, this will surely be your last bus stop !

You will also share your testimony this year like others who used our products did after following our recommendation.

We have helped hundreds of couples locally and internationally to solve their fertility issues using natural and organic therapies.

“Yes with your teaching and advice , i now have a baby girl.”
Mrs Nonye
“My husband's sperm quality has imporeved, it was just 1m, its now 14m”
Mrs Blessings husband
Mrs Godwin fertility testimony
“Ma i put to birth on the 17th but is CS, help me thank God for my life that's why i haven't call you, we will be going home tomorrow according to doctor”
Mrs Godwin
“For more than 12 years i battled with infertility, after following coach Seun Banjo's fertility recommendation i finally concieved at age 49”
Mrs Jumoke Rasheed
“I was experiencing sperm leakage for many years, after enrolling in the detox cleanse program i got pregnant without sperm leakage and to the Glory of God i gave birth to a bouncng baby girl ”
Mrs Ugochi
“i did some tests yesterday, i no longer have PID ”
Mrs Blessing
“I did IVF and it failed. I did the Fertility Detox and women booster Pack and finally got pregnant, now my baby girl is 6 months old ”
Sis Ruth
“Good evening Sir, a baby girl was added to my family 5 months ago, i want to appreciate your help in introducing me to the c9 detox, God bless you and your family beyond imagination ”
Mrs Eloh Joesphine
“Your product work like magic. Before seeing my period was a big wahala. But now God use your product to answer my prayers, I strongly believe soon i will carry my own tripletes like you told me before ”
Mrs Celina
“I just put to bed, a bouncing baby girl. after gettiing the fertility products april 2020 ”
Mrs Loretta
“I am the most happiest person on earth, at least i can see it, thank God for connecting me with you. Today is my Day 4 and i can see my menses have come in a bigger way. I remain eternally grateful and ready to patronize you even more”
Mrs Blessing Jacob
“Just concluded my c9 detox cleaning program, very awesome, no more pains from my lower abdomen to my waist down to my left knee making me feel as if i have paralysis on and after my period, I now have flatter tummy and feel very light and energetic ”
Mrs Daba
“Hello Seun,i am happy i did the fertility cleanse, i have seen lot of changes. No bloated tummy before menstruation, no feel of nausea, no sperm leakage ”
Mrs Obi
“Good afternoon Sir. i have a testimony, i am one month pregnant, praise God.”
Mrs Precious
“Good morning Sir. I used your product last year when I was still looking for baby, i finally got pregnant that same last year and have given birth this year.”
Mrs Chinonye
“Sir, i will need another one pack of the fertility detox treatment, my sister inlaw's want. The Almighty God has done it, i am 2 months gone. After 1 month of completing my detox, i started feeling somehow.. ”
Mrs Ifedayo
“Getting pregnant was quiet difficult for me, tried so many fertility drugs i was almost duped because it was so glaring that i was so eager to get pregnant then FLP changed my nightmare ..I got the fertility detox through Mr Seun Banjo May 2017 and got pregnant July 2017 and i have another baby May 2019, now am scared to meet with my husband ”
Mrs Bintu
“ I got the fertility detox cleanse on December and follow the instruction you given to me, then this janurary early i was not feeling good, then i went to doctor, i discovered i was 6 weeks pregnant ”
Mrs Charlotte
“Anytime I meet my husband the sperm will just leak out so I started using the fertility detox on the 12th of June the 9th day of my detox was the day my ovulation was supposed to end I just said let me try my luck on that day which was 20th June I had sex with my husband the sperm didn't leak out as it used to do I got a pregnancy strip last night used it this morning and I'm happy to announce to you that I'm pregnant ”
Mrs Ugochi
“ I've concluded my C9 detox and I'm experiencing a great thing in my more flow back of sperm and unusual discharge I'm so happy and grateful and now waiting to share more testimonies I can't wait to get pregnant and share with you ”
Mrs Ugonma
“ What can I say? Good morning, am pregnant, I cant even shout ”
Mrs Blessing
“ I had ectopic surgery in 2016, i contacted you 2017 and used FLP products 2017/ 2018, now i am 3 monhs pregnant. ”
Mrs Godsfavor
“ Did IVF once and it failed. I and my wife took the fertility detox and booster, and it helped in detoxifying her and after 2 months , she got pregnant, now we have our bouncing baby boy ”
Mr Lekan
“ The Lord has blessed me. In June 2019 I ordered for C9 detox which I received and I started using it based on the directive ,after seeing my periods on 4th July and I have not seen any other one up till now yesterday I went to the hospital I tested positive. May the name of the Lord be praised now and forever in Jesus name thank you so much for your encouragement I am grateful ”
Mrs Mirabel
“ I bought the Fertility Detox once and I stopped when I miss my period. I drink it for two weeks in November then I started drinking it then December I miss my period that was 2018. yes I fell pregnant on December 2018 and gave birth to my bouncing baby boy on August 2019 ”
Mrs Buhle
“ Mr Seun Banjo started following up on me that I should not waste time. so October last year I took a bold step and I bought my second Fertility booster. By December I'm just weak in my body and I think I should go and buy pregnancy test kit before I buy malaria drugs now I just confirm to line I was so amazed I went to hospital and they confirmed me that I'm 6 weeks gone already to the glory of God I'm at home with my bouncing baby boy ”
Mrs Mercy

Why Are We Sharing all These Testimonies?

 To prove to you that there is no situation that doesn’t have a solution. 

Provided you are ready to tell us EVERYTHING about your infertility history, and you are ready to  follow our recommendations like others whose testimonies you saw ,  then be rest assured that by Gods grace, you too will share your own testimony. 

Mind you, there are still more testimonies we are yet to upload here because  most times we are busy with our paid  virtual consultation session from TTC clients  who perhaps need to ask personal questions or submit their fertility test result for evaluation. 

Your booking a consultation will help us focus our energy and resources on serious couples not time wasters. 

As you must have seen from some feedbacks from our testimonies, IVF is not always the solution to infertility issues,  a client above mentioned he did IVF twice and it failed, but after meeting us, we recommended what him and his wife was to take and they followed our guidance, his wife got pregnant and today they have a baby boy ! 

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