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Why You Need To Detoxify Your Body so as To Live Longer


On Monday, l decided to service my car for enhanced performances.  

✔ Engine oil ₦6,000
✔ Oil filter ₦3,000
✔ Labour and diagnostic cost ₦10,000 

✔ To cap it all l filled the fuel tank up  with just ₦12,000 

Total cost 31,000! 

So as l was going back to the office on Tuesday a genuine  thought began to creep into my mind.

 I asked myself:

How much have I spent this year to service my body? 

We have just lost a dear friend and colleague to the cold hands of death. *sob*

I was told he only complained of toothache and slight  headache and then death struck!

For how long will you keep thinking all is well with  your health in spite of all odds? 

We drive through dust at times, inhale all kind of unclean  and highly polluted air, drink some water we don’t know their  sources, eat fast foods with additives and funny condiments, 

It’s either we have a long throat or we have a long life,

We face computer and phone with our eyes everyday, expose to phone radiation every hour and on and on and on.

If my car could gulp over  30,000 in an instance just for fine 
tuning l think l deserve to diagnose and upgrade my system. 

Who is doing all the tough job, you  or your car?

When last did you check up and cleanse your system, 
my friends? 

You can’t see your internal organs.

Oil filter is kidney, fuel pump is your heart, 
Air filter is the lungs,
plugs in your cars and generators 
is the chemical filters..which is your liver. Your car chassis is the Bones and skeletal system.
Check your eyes, ears, vital organs like heart, liver , 
kidneys and lungs. 

It could make a difference!

A health conscious friend shared this with me and I 
instantly thought of you.

Remember that nothing is as important as your health.

Listen to this video and re-establish new love for the best gift from God

If You Are Done Watching this Video… 


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