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How to make a Camel run faster than a Lamborghini

How to make a Camel run faster than a Lamborghini – The Syntek Xtreme Fuel vs FLP saga

An old time friend practically claimed her newly purchased camel flies faster than a Lamborghini she has never driven.

How did this happen?

About 2 years ago, i invited an old friend to one of our seminars where we mentor our invited guests on how to live their Dreams and be FREE from any force holding them captive to a life they dread and hate the most.

It was a powerful seminar that Monday morning. She was excited afterwards, of course the usual pumped up emotional enthusiasm and there she went, never to return to take Action as promised.

Few days later, i did a follow up and she was armed to the tooth with every excuses she could lay her hands on. .. starting with “Oh have been so so busy” , “oh my kids wont allow me,” oh my teaching JOB wont allow me, “oh my donkey stole my ice cream” plus many more…

I never bugged but just kept her under close radar while i was busy with people who are more hungry for success and are ready to take action.

Just recently on Facebook, i saw her promoting mercilessly, one familiar Business Opportunity in the Network marketing industry, i was like, you don’t mean it? Finally, she is now a Believer ! Hallelujah LOL.

I was happy that at least my friend finally has found a good reason to be part of the network marketing industry, and in other to encourage her i decided to drop some few lines right in her inbox.

This was what followed:

Me: am i really seeing you into Network marketing (without asking for her primary company),

She: LOL , yes, am now into it and am making cool money.

Me: Of course , you have to be making money in it. So what finally made you see MLM as the right option?

She : maybe because the people that introduced me are making money.

Me:  So you mean nobody is making money in the forever living product seminar you attended?

She: I don’t want forever,this is better than Forever By far, this is like an everyday product, you just have to use it.

In all her words from the beginning , all that i picked was “This is Better than Forever By Far”


I told myself,  this lady surely needs some extra dose of correction pills and that i gave without blinking.

Me: In my african “James Bond” voice, i replied, that’s very interesting….So what products does your company have?

She :Xtreme fuel treatment . 4 diesel, pertol, kerosene N gas. Itz a multidollar american company. She replied.

Me: Oh i seeeeeee.  Is that what makes it better than Forever?

She: Yes now, and you know forever is Drugs.

My next response left her silent for 30 minutes.

Me: i must tell u its never been in my profession to compare MLM companies, however, since u raised it, am left with no choice than to help you get clear details

First forever is not DRUGS, fact #1 u don’t know:

Its nutritional supplements , skin care products, weight loss products, makeup, beauty, spa therapy products, all natural and aloe based.

am sure u are not aware of all that.

u mentioned, xtreme fuel is everyday use unlike forever.

Now let me ask, do u brush your teeth with fuel, gas n kerosene? do u take your bath with fuel, gas n kerosene?

if not then u have lots of information you are missing

do u as well, rub fuel on your face in place of makeup when going to party or occasions?

and now, if u need to detoxify for any reason, or perhaps you want to lose weight and stay fit, do u drink fuel to do that?

my sister, the right information is vital.

don’t get confused by some who don’t know better things to do than to run down a company in other to promote theirs.

The best way to market is to Promote the benefits of your company and leave others, especially  if you do not know full details about them.

are u learning something different now?

She:  …………………………………………………..

HELLO ?????????????  (NO RESPONSE FOR 30 MINUTES )

Finally she responded 

She:  I am not comparing any company to the order don’t get me wrong, I know forever deals with everything, Forever is equally good! Not disputing.

Me: hmmm. ok. i like d way u decided to re park ur car

her response was : LOLZ 
Imagine. Just imagine. 
Please for everyone that needs to know, all Network companies are not and can never be the same. 
An amateur new to the industry might be overwhelmed by their numbers and yes we acknowledge the fact that they are so many, 
However, as professionals, we have been able to zero down to the best 5 and out of the best first, we singled out just one that covers all major market areas which makes it much easier to promote the business and its everyday used products to different class of people.
Since everyone must use tooth paste to brush his or her mouth, and also use bathing soap to bathe, NOT FUEL, then we see it as a good reason to buy them from Forever Living Products and at least get paid for it. 
No hard RULE, not Rocket Science. Just simple reason to do the business. 
Yes, a  newly purchased camel and a Lamborghini  can both travel, but NEVER be tempted to think because your camel has taken you to different places to see many faces makes it better than a Lamborghini you had never driven.
In this era and age, we all need good speed! 
I wish you SPEEDY RECOVERY from any business driving you on a camelicious lane. 
 If you enjoyed our humor, before you roll off your chair tied to the moon,

Feel free to drop your comments as well.

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