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Restore points for successful marriage

 How to Create a “Restore Point” for a Successful Marriage. First before we go into details of the relevance of this idea. Let us briefly understand a much familiar process where this function operates. System Restore on your Laptop/PC For many of us who have a laptop or PC, you will understand that there are

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Does Watching Pornography correct Erectile dysfunction in Married Couples

Does Pornography correct Erectile Dysfunction in Married Couples? WHAT PEOPLE SAY: “If a married man or woman cannot easily reach “cloud 9”, watching pornography will turn them on to the right frequency and it will also teach them different styles of playing the match if perhaps one or both players(husband and wife) lack ideas of

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Wedding Anniversary Gift

The beauty of the lake is always changing, With the light, the weather and the season. Yet each change holds a splendor of its own, Each viewing precious for its own reason. In sunshine, golden stars dance across the water. Moonlight shines a beacon in the peaceful night. The wind causes whitecaps to erupt and

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