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Success Stories of FLP Nigeria

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FLP Success Stories
Forever Living Products offer a unique opportunity to promote better health and wealth for those willing to capitalize on this amazing opportunity. If you need further proof, from  the millions of Distributors who live the Forever dream everyday.

Success Stories of Forever Living Products
 Distributors in Nigeria

My name is Pastor Egwuche Uneojo-Emmanuel and my wife is Assistant Pastor Egwuche Ijeoma Elizabeth.

March 29th, 2010, Pastor Charles Wamba invited us to a seminar we saw a vehicle that can take anybody to the perfect destination for health & wealth. We jumped in immediately, and adopted Forever Living as our sole business.

We started our business immediately and in 6 months we became managers and developed an income of over N819, 000:00 per month, (i.e. over 5000 US Dollars)
At the Warri success show case on August 6th, we were given a Brand new KIA Cerato, 2011Model, “TEAR RUBBER”, my Sweetheart, won a Sonya glamour collection pack, and our 1st direct manager is also riding, his Brand new car from forever Living.

One major testimony was the wonders of ARGI Plus, a woman with long fertility issue became pregnant in a month, and several cases of ulcer, pie of many years went away in a matter of weeks.

We are grateful to God for this excellent opportunity, where everyone is given equal opportunity to earn an HONEST LIVING, we thank Forever Living Product for making our life an amazement to all.

~ Egwuche Uneojo-Emmanuel


It is amazing to see how a business you do par-time, bring about great changes to one’s life. As a senior lecturer, and my wife, a government school teacher, our income was far from providing us the financial back bone we need to achieve our dreams.

Before FLP, we believed we were feeding well, but today we know that we were not feeding right. As a couple that desired the best for our two sons, we stressed ourselves to make the children comfortable, but yet we could not provide them with the best we wanted.

Good education for our two sons has always been our main priority, owning a home and a good car, financial security – when you don’t always have to think of pay day – were also very important to us. But today, we don’t bother because we feel secured as we have created our water tight financial security through our Forever Living Distributorship.

Health wise, before FLP we battled with health problems such as Overweight, Malaria, High blood pressure, which took us in and out of medications. All this time, overweight was the most significant as it was a real challenge for the family. We didn’t understand the source of illness.

Even more terrible was that we were always on drugs, but the drugs proved ineffective and we were perpetually in ill health.  But now, with our knowledge in FLP, it is clear that overweight was the main culprit making us prone to several ailments and rendering the drugs ineffective. Ignorance itself is really a killer disease.

Our lives have taken a whole new dimension of prosperity and happiness. Our sons are through with their education even to master’s level abroad, and our overweight problem is a thing of the past as we are healthier and full of vitality even at our age.

We even more grateful for the opportunity, as it has made our lives a great source of impact in so many lives, that were once held bound by poverty and ill health.

~Dr and Mrs. Thomas Igwebuike


I was introduced to the business by Mrs. Justina Ekperigin.  Before I started this business, I was managing a boutique business. I used to travel to buy and sell clothes including office wares. I am currently not running the boutique because when I joined this business I saw the vision and beauty of the business.

Hence I decided to focus and work hard. I left my boutique even though my store rent had about 14 months left. I was that confident and excited about the business.

Initially, when I told my family about the business, there was resistance. Though the resistance was not about the business, my family believed I could not run a network marketing business  because of my fragile nature but I had a strong believe in myself and faith in God’s help.

I have had the opportunity to travel to two countries courtesy of this business. I have traveled to Accra, Ghana for a management retreat and I also went to Johannesburg, South Africa for the African rally. The trip to Johannesburg was like having my honeymoon all over again  and I was lucky not to add another kid to the five I already have.

In addition, I used to take my five children to school on a Motorcycle (Popularly known as Okada) now I get a monthly remuneration of about =N=600,000 naira as a Senior Manager in the business and I also have a Toyota Yaris as part of my car incentive from the business which was presented to me in the Warri success showcase of March 2009.

Furthermore, I have helped a lot of people to be healthier through our products. The products helped a neighbor of mine who has been having diabetes for a long time. The man is now far healthier than he was before using our products.

Also, I have helped people achieve financial freedom by introducing them to the business and motivating them to become managers. For example Mrs. Carol Orogun who is the wife of the Commissioner of finance (2011) Delta State, Nigeria. Initially when I talked to her about the business, she was not interested in what I had to say but she eventually got interested when I invited her to my car presentation at the Warri success showcase. She was also interested in our unique product (Aloe Vera Gel) which helped her control her irregular bowel movements.
She is now a manager in the business.

~Mrs Chioma


I came into town, Warri ,Nigeria, precisely March 2008. As a banker in IC Global Microfinance bank, head of Micro credit for that branch and the entire group, but along the line, I think it was only that month I picked my salary. Despite my position, I discovered I was always on the highway between Warri and Asaba.

I protested via a text message of the unfair treatment given to me and my bank by the people in charge of the Delta State branch. My protest offended the authorities of my bank and that led to my suspension indefinitely.

I took it by faith and I discovered had to take my life into my hands, even though I really didn’t know where I was going. But fortune smiled on me on the day I went to visit a friend in Fin Bank, Nigeria where I came across Mr. John Ekperigin who was wearing a FLP T-shirt that caught my attention as I once had a brief experience with one of the product – Gentle Man’s Pride.

He showed me more about the business, though I did not have the money to start, but I took genuine interest in the business and the products. I started reaching out to people about the products, and within 18 days I was able to start this business with no capital, simply Other People’s Money (OPM). I did all this by simply recommending the products to people.

One thing that helped me most was my determination to succeed, I started reaching out to people, attending trainings frequently where I learnt the “Ten a Day brings Millions my Way” from Mr. John Ekperigin.
In May 2010, I qualified for my car incentive. Since then our business has not been the same, we have acquired new assets, our lifestyle has changed, our children are in good schools, we are now able to take good care of our parents and our lives have never remain the same.

~Mr Maja


Before I became a part of Forever Living Products, I had been a banker for about ten years.I progressed up the corporate ladder to become a bank manager of Fin Bank, Nigeria. As a bank manager, I and my family believed we were relatively comfortable, to me being a bank manager was the ultimate one could hope to achieve in life.

However I was not happy and I still could not fulfill my major financial dreams. Also the stress related to the job was getting to emotional and physical health. Before the end of the month you see me having headaches, constantly afraid of not having hypertension because of the heavy load one was carrying in his mind.

Once you are given a target, and you cannot meet the target, that means you are not fit to be in the system. So the fear of being sacked is always there, so one cannot say you were comfortable in that area. In one instance one of my strategic targets was to be bringing One Billion naira monthly while I would be paid just =N= 250,000 a month.

The person that invited me to the Happy People Seminar was so clever, because of  the subtle way he sent me the invitation text message, he said I was invited to a very exclusive seminar today, so to me it was a very exclusive seminar of personalities, when I got to know it was about Forever Living Products, I reacted negatively, I felt the guy was joking with me, but thank God for the resource person, Mr. John Ekperigin who told me that in his six month in this business he was already earning one million Naira, at that time he was earning 6.8 Million every month, that was what arrested my attention hence I paid attention to what he had to say.

When I informed my family of my new venture, they were not too pleased about my decision to do the business, because my wife had participated in the business previously and did not get the results she desired. I took her to Mr. John Ekperigin who taught us the business and since then our life style have drastically changed for the better.

I feel fulfilled to some extent anyway because I am just young in the business, a year and seven months old, but when I look at my future, I know I have a very bright future in the business.

I have virtually achieved all that Forever Living has to offer, in a year and seven months. In my sixth month, I got my brand new jeep and my eighth month my recap has moved to =N= 977, 000 and also I partook in profit share just a year in this business, that means you don’t need to spend ten years before you start achieving in forever living. I and my wife we are proud to be Forever Living distributors.

~Mr Sylvanus Esene


Before i got into this business, I have been a lecturer for over twenty years, with two master degrees (MSc and MBA) and my wife justina has been a practicing pharmacist for over twenty years. We worked extremely hard in order to make our dreams come true but it was difficult to achieve our dreams in terms of financial freedom until we finally met the opportunity that was real.

Of course it took us some time to adjust and embrace this opportunity. Initially i had doubts until I came across some real testimonies such as that of Rolf Kipp.

That was the first time I actually believed that this business was real. So we began to study the business and build our team. My colleagues at work where very doubtful until they started seeing results and the changes in my life in terms of financial freedom and quality of life such as the three brand new cars we drive now as a result of doing the business. My wife is driving a Ford Edge Jeep and i am driving a Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer and we also have a Kia Rio. We love travelling around the world, we always travel all the time

~ John and Justina Ekperigin 


All the success stories are achievements of people like me and YOU who could have capitalized on different excuses to make them FOREVER crawl through life in quite desperation and join the masses who are talented at blaming others for their problems, But they did NOT, they took their future in their own hands and eventually they made their dreams come true!

They Also did not learn from failures  (as we can see from testimonial 5# shows), because the simplest mistake we can make is when we say because you have the records of how and when a trusted friend failed, then you are a good candidate of failure. To be successful you must learn from someone who has achieved success why have a failure as a role model on your way to success?

Again on Testimonial , imagine a bank worker expected to meet a target of One Billion naira monthly so as to be paid just =N= 250,000 a month.Tell me is that not the greatest ridiculous target you can ever imagine? Tell me why we wont have more prostitutes in the banking industries as marketers when they know that is the only way to meet such targets so as to keep their salary coming!

Because of these ridiculous targets some marriages have collapsed when married women in the marketing field drop their wedding ring to meet a deadly target! They traded their fidelity in the name of salary!
When other smart women are saving their marriages and making 10 times more!

Question is why ruin your future in the name of making money? WHY???

The greatest gift in humanity is the FREEDOM OF CHOICE!

You can choose to be in a field where you lose your total dignity or you can choose to in a field where you are rewarded for working less and earning more!

Enough Said…

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