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What is my Success Rate in this Business? Asked a Medical Doctor

What is my Success Rate if i become part of your Team 
in Forever Living Products? 

– Asked a Medical Doctor from Ekiti state Nigeria

Yes, that was the question i got 2 days ago from a medical Doctor in Ekiti. He mentioned that he has been studying about the business of recent and he googled online just to find out how true the business is and would love to know his chance of success if he joins the business.

So on his quest he found my Blog and articles so interesting and decided to give me a call for assurance.

Here is my Response:

Sir, Thank you for your thoughtful question. Now, am going to help you see things clearly by way of expanding your thinking…

Sir, are you married? No, Not yet he replied.

Ok good. Am sure you are familiar with the institution of Marriage?  Let us in this context see marriage as a Business, agreed? Yes he replied

Now, if you look around, you will see that we have lots of people who out of love chose themselves as marriage partners and say they love to spend the rest of their lives together and be united in the institution of Marriage…

They did all they could to be present at that memorable event where they will officially say:

 ” YES I DO, in sickness, in pain, till  FOREVER MORE “

Notice, on day 1 the two parties involved were super excited about finally walking into that institution as perfect couples whose match was “made in Heaven” as they would always say…

But for some, come few years later, instead of hearing something like another marriage anniversary, all you would hear are reasons why he is not the man for me, reasons why shes not the woman for me-  they just renewed their Marriage Certificate with a  Divorce Certificate

they are DIVORCED!

Why? The same way they enthusiastically narrate why they are born for each other on their wedding day is how they will narrate why they are not meant for each other because of BLA BLA BLA reasons (Reasons that could be adjusted if they worked on the personality of that person in the mirror)

Now, to your surprise, you hear lots of people now get into marriage with all excitement  and get divorced few years later with more greater level of excitement.

 Now you keep wondering:

  • Why do so many today drop out of the college of Marriage way too early? 
  • Is it that the exams of loving each other in spite of individual imperfection can not be passed? 
  • Or is it because the first semester exam questions of tolerating can not be understood?

I would say, not that they do not love to do well in those exams, but they focused only on the glamour of the matriculation day, they focused only on accolades of throwing a colorful wedding as if that was meant to be a guarantee to a successful marriage.

  • They focused less on how to cope with their individual differences in the future , 
  • They focused less on how to love unconditionally in spite of distractions , 
  • They focused less how they would value & respect each other when expectations are yet to come true
  • They focused less on how to strive to build a successful marriage together AS A TEAM!

And when lots of things go wrong for long, the YES I DO admission letter…. collapses like a failed Project.

Now, would you say, its the institution of Marriage that is risky or faulty?

NO! Is it the players in the team. Yes, the success or failure of every marriage union lies in the hands of both parties involved – The Husband and Wife.

Similarly, FLP (Forever Living Products ) is a great and wonderful business, but the success or failure of it lies in the hands of the person involved.

You cant get into the business and disobey lots of success principles and expect it to work out well.

  • You cant get into the business with an unfriendly spirit and expect success in the business.
  • You cant be someone that hate to smile and expect success in the business.
  • You cant be someone that can not tolerate others and expect success.
  • You cant be someone that is dubious and greedy and expect success.
  • You cant be someone that easily gets offended and expect success.
  • You cant be someone that is always presumptuous and expect success
  • You cant be someone that hates learning business skills and expect success 

To succeed in this business, granted you may have one or two or perhaps more of personalities that is not an ingredient for success, however, your associating first with the right team that will help you gradually get rid of those negative habit will surely help you succeed in the long run.

And to win in this business, you must be willing to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn.

Our LCG (Life Changing Group )Team in partner with  is committed to helping all new business partners on relevant skills and strategies they must acquire in other to have capital fun while earning residual income from 158 countries in our business.

A Trip to Dallas Vacation – September 26, 2014

Oh Yes, we have FUN as entrepreneurs, we don’t fail to qualify for various vacations on yearly basis.

LCG- Life Changing Group with having fun
Life Changing Group Business Partners having fun

So, Doctor, as you have seen, Marriage and FLP are beautiful businesses worth investing into, but your success is dependent on YOU +  The Team you belong.

to succeed in Forever living Products it starts with YOU

If your goal is to SUCCEED and have fun running a credible Home based business like we do WITH Peace of Mind then you can join us by clicking on the Work With Us now page.

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