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How to easily register for FREE as Smart User with FLP Nigeria

Who are Smart users?

Smart users are one of our healthy fans who love to use our recommended range of FLP  Nutritional products but are not yet ready to start earning as other Entrepreneurs doing the business.

The Benefit of been a smart user avails you the opportunity to buy the Forever Living range of products at much more discounted price directly from the FLP Company which is below the retail price.

Now, to take advantage of that offer, you need to have your own unique FLP ID# like others which you will get for  FREE .

So once you send your application online, you will receive a notification from Forever Living Product Nigeria Correspondence containing your FLP ID# details.

You can now take your FLP ID# to any distribution centre of FLP closest to you and shop for your products as a Smart User.

You can also choose to shop for your products online if you are too busy to drive to the nearest FLP office.

Requirements of FLP Registration:

To obtain your FREE FLP I.D#  you need to  fill in your details correctly using the link below.

Visit =>

Once your Online registration is complete, your unique FLP I.D Number will be sent to you immediately.You need to keep it safe because it will be yours and only yours Forever.

Once you have received your ID,  give me a call on 08029494323, 08067477494 , so as to help you monitor your activities or contact us here 
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