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How To Separate The message from The Messenger

Separating the Message from the Messenger

For some months now, i have been battling on how to use my mobile phone to take a screenshot, but just couldn’t figure it out on my Andriod. Neither could i do it on my wife’s andriod phone.

I could use my laptop to do that easily but not on my phone. But to my greatest surprise, my 1 year old plus baby girl Morayo could do it effortlessly.

How did i find out?

Since she cant do without watching her favorite Barney videos on mummy’s phone, she spends more time with the phone than the owner – her Mum.

 One night, while going through the Gallery folder on my phone, i saw something strange, i saw about 3 different screenshots of the background of the phone!

I asked my wife if she took the screenshots ,she said no, and since we are the only 3 in the house, and i am very sure i didn’t do it either, i had no other choice than to suspect our little cutie adventurous  Morayo did it…

And surprisingly, when our baby girl picked up my phone while dad was busy sleeping, Morayo did the same thing again!!

Hmmm… I found my new teacher and I was like, “Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee can you teach me how to do it? “

Trust Morayo all she does it to laugh  and laugh and laugh and hug daddy!

Now am looking at having a special meeting with her so that she can tell me how much it will cost me to pay for her “Screenshot Tutorial Class” giving me daddy’s price though, since i still buy her Cerelac and diaphers  LOL.

How did I Separate the Message from the Messenger?

Sometimes, in life, if we really need to learn how to do something badly, we need to look beyond who is teaching us. Some could feel what will a baby who is barely 2 years old teach her daddy who is in his late 30’s?

A whole lot my friend!

Age is just a number, and it has absolutely nothing to with what can be assimilated when a learner puts his or her brain to use. And the brain as we know, can accumulate trillions of information when ready and willing to do it.

Earlier, i once made the mistake of thinking who ever i need to learn from must be older or richer than myself. (a very wrong and mistaken yardstick for success) but not anymore!

Today i am a whole lot wiser to fall for such traps.

These days, i learn virtually from anyone of any age, provided i can identify the value i am about to receive.

I could remember learning from a 4 year old son of my close friend on the importance of Leverage.

How can YOU test your ability to Separate the Message from the Messenger

Here are some scenarios that can help you know if you are good at separating the Message from the Messenger.

Scenario 1#:

Say you had a serious issue between you and your spouse that needs at least a third party interference, since both of you could not restore peace alone. Now, one of those appointed to help you see reasons on how to easily forgive each other freely and maintain peace was a Single young man.

Now you saying, “who are you to tell me about establishing peace in my family when you are a single man” MEANS, you  are yet to LEARN how to Separate the Message from the Messenger.

Yes, he might be single, but what you need at the moment has NOTHING to do with  his marital status but logical and practical steps on how you and your wife can restore peace in your family.

Scenario 2#: 

2nd example could as well be that you are a successful business person, but your strategies are best used offline. Meaning, you did not succeed at your business online BUT offline.

Now, if you need to build your business online, and you finally found someone who doesn’t own any of the types of Jets you fly yet.. Neither does he own one of those many mansions you have as “assets”, and he came to the table with logical steps on how you can build your business online based on solid experience.

Will you be humble enough to accept coaching from someone not as successful as you are, or will you say, no, all my teachers must have at least a Bughatti before they can be qualified to teach me?

Separating the Message from the Messenger will give you enough room to look beyond your coach material asset and FOCUS ONLY on what you can learn so that you can become better at what you need to know if you must GROW and be BETTER at what you do.

Scenario 3#:

You are a qualified and certified  Medical Doctor and you are married to a Doctor as well. You have been married for years but unfortunately there has been no issue yet.  You have done all you could medically using your orthodox medicine in search of fruit of the womb but its just not coming.

You have done IVF secretly spending millions each time, still no show.  And then, a concerned friend, who is also married with kids and who has also helped lots of people to achieve fruits of the womb naturally, decides to suggest to you an alternative way you can take to easily achieve your heart desire.

Will you as a Medical doctor, blindly argue and say: You are very funny, I Doctor Bla Bla Bla. should be the one telling you about your health, i studied my degree in the university of toronto, i did master in Medicine in Cambridge university, i did my PHD in…. See, you cant tell me what to do, i STUDIED this course, i am professional in medicine,. You are not qualified to tell me what to take to conceive… In-fact, if you must know, i and my wife are both fine, Yes, there is nothing wrong with us.  Well, thanks for your interest…

Is that what you will say?

Been a Medical Doctor never means you know everything about your health, talk less of peoples health. If you know everything about health, then why have you been married for close to 10 years and yet nothing is forth coming?

Lets be practical here, what we all need and have been praying for is a simple solution, not a title to show the number of years you spend in a class of study.

It will take humility on your part, to accept to try a solution that works, even if you were not thought that in school as a medical Doctor.

Choosing to be Ignorantly Ignorant will not help you here, and your wife subconsciously choosing not to visit friends who got married much after you did and gave birth to their bundle of joy will not help her either.

Yes, we know its not intentional, but sometimes, you wont know when you start dreading to pay a visit to any of your friends who just gave birth all because of the silent mental torture you have been subjecting yourself too which of course are part of the psychological symptoms.

To you going there might make you start feeling someone can just jokingly wish you.. your own too will come as it is common in Yoruba land.

My dear Doctor, you do not deserve that residual mental torture you are ignorantly subjecting yourself and your spouse to. You are not getting younger, neither is your wife. Be a Man that you need to be and go for a solution that works.

Your ability to Separate the Message from the Messenger will allow you to take that pride of paper qualification aside, and let us all rejoice with you when your bundle of joy arrives.

If you feel i am talking to you with this piece, YES i am talking to you.

I challenge you to CHANGE for the better.

If you must  do better than where you are today you must be willing to separate the message from the messenger.  If there is anything you have identified as valuable knowledge to you, focus on how you will learn that information or that skills, NOT the messenger.

The messenger is just a channel like every other channels on TV. What matters is the Message!

Focus on the Message NOT the Messenger and to do that successfully well, it takes a good dose of humility.

To Your Success,

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