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Which of these will you happily DRIVE?

If you must choose between driving a long truck and a smooth cool ride to a beautiful occasion, which will you effortlessly go for?

which will drive a fat woman with an extra large size or a slim woman that you can drive around with ease

Will you choose a long BIG truck regardless of the big steering wheel that you will have to turn and turn and turn before you make a simple bend or will you go for a cool classic ride you can drive with the greatest ease?

Well, lets talk about each options and see how easy it is.

Driving a truck:
With a long truck, you must be ready to drive with the mind that you pulling out something like a train, which means you must be ready to turn your steering wheel many times than normal and you must also be ready to reverse like 10 times due to the fact that your truck is just to big to get pass a normal road path.

Is it super easy to switch lanes with a long truck? Hell no! Except you willing to cause some preventable accidents. So why will you wanna do that?

Driving a cool ride:
With a classic ride, you drive and hold your wheel feeling so confident of getting to your destination super fast. You are free to switch lanes if need be because you are sleek and you can move without brushing or colliding with any stand alone force.

 You can even close your eyes if you must, because driving in this style makes you feel like a blessing.

IN A SIMILAR WAY, if you are a married couple and you have the option to choose between a Slim partner and an extra large size partner which will you happily choose?

From the illustration above, life is sweeter, when a slim husband drives his slim and trendy wife anywhere in the world than when he has to cope with the mental torture of driving an extra large wife or when a wife have to deal with an extra large husband.

No offense to any “extra bag holder” but the truth is it is indeed killing because, no matter where they drive to,the journey will always be boring and disastrous because the load is just way too much!

The man gasp for breath endlessly after each turning and he prays fervently to STOP driving and mostly he will be delighted to beg to trek to destination than suffer all through.

So, ladies if you are Extra Large and each time you are reminded of  why you need to keep fit, you go comforting yourself that your husband is not complaining, well, on the conscious level he might not be BUT subconsciously, you are giving him a valid reason to get extra tired of you because you have failed to make yourself attractive and appealing….

Guess what happens next? 
Gradually, his mind begins to wander bit by bit , far and wide, searching for better option, he begins dialing “slimmer options”, the less stressful ones with no excess baggage ,  and eventually, you know where it ends, don’t you?

This can happen right before your face if you continue deceiving yourself that your hubby is not complaining because you are indirectly giving your partner a solid reason to look outside for satisfaction.

Real Life Experience:

 we actually have a lady who has been married for 2 years, complaining bitterly that her husband who is far too slimmer is cheating on her. She is EXTRA LARGE as in EXTRA LARGE… She’s beautiful but her husband can not cope with the excess load!

 Don’t get me wrong, we are not here encouraging extra marital affairs BUT you can help your hubby see you as the “one and only option” if you chose not to take the place of the “BIG TRUCK”!

So, if you have been carrying too much extras and you have been comforting yourself that your hubby is not complaining, its time you get real and save your marriage by giving your hubby the best in you, why ? Because he deserves a sweet and trimmer you!

What do you do next?

Now you talking! We have a 9 days weight loss program that have saved lots of marriages and can help yours too!

Many have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and hey before it really works on you, you must be ready to follow the weight loss instructions and be ready to let go of any unhealthy lifestyle such as eating of fast foods, junk foods, snacking, fried foods, and a whole lot of unhealthy diet!

Are you ready to give your partner the best in you?

Pick up your weight loss pack NOW. and please remember to follow it through all for 9 days!
click here for your clean 9 weight loss solutionWish you the best !

Stay Healthy,

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