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Latest Business Launch Promo !!! ITS SUPER HOT !!!!

Strictly for Entrepreneurs 

The A-Z for Making Millions Every Month, Selling Your Ideas, & Skills On The Internet

Another mind blowing Business Promo just launched!  


If you were shown how to legally  pickup  ₦2.3M ($7300) come 15th of next month, will it take care of some things around you at all? 

If it will, then thank God you witnessed this moment ! 

The leadership of Life Changing Group Academy  (LCG ) in partnership with TRUE LEVERAGE TEAM  has finally approved another cash reward incentive for this month!


✪ You must be 18+

✪ You must be willing to learn,  unlearn and relearn 

✪ You must be money motivated 

✪ You must be an Assistant Supervisor & above 

✪  You take ACTION on the duplication mode explained in the Marketing Strategy provided 

You receive 500k Cash (From LCG Academy) in addition to the   1.8M  ($5720) FLP will pay you come 15th of the following month! 

That’s a total of  ₦2.3M ($7300) cash paid  straight to your bank account come 15th of next month!

OR … 

You become an Assistant Supervisor (140k worth of FLP Products) and enjoy a FREE BUFFET in PROTEA HOTEL anywhere in the world ! 

If you believe you are coachable & teachable,  then let’s get started.


1.Everyone working sells their time & skills where they work, but not everyone earns what they deserve monthly. 

2. we succeed in our team  because we adopt Attraction Marketing Strategy (more details on that later ) 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Is it possible to receive 1miliion naira monthly from a profitable business here in Nigeria? 

Answer : Yes it is over possible,  because I know and I have business partners earning more than that,  not only in Nigeria.  

Here is just one payment proof out of several others, paid by Forever Living,Click Here 

Question 2 : Is true i can help from other Countries with FLP ? 

Answer : Yes Forever is a Global Income business, giving you and i the chance to earn from 175 Countries without your physical presence!  Thats why its called the SWEETEST business on planet earth !   

If you believe you deserve such income,  then let’s get started.  

However, we have also designed your Business Package into 4 Entry Levels! 

1. Executive Pack (4cc): ₦290,000 {$882} or Profit is 3.5 times of that.

2. Platinum Pack (2cc): ₦145,000 {$445} Profit is over double of that as well.

3. Starter Pack (1cc): ₦73,000 {$220} That will actually give you a profit of about 78k {$255}

4. Student Pack (0.5cc): ₦37,000 {$117} That will actually give you a profit of about 47k {$149}


Though you can start with any of the lower business package, but to move fast in the business, it’s advisable you start with either the the executive package (4cc) or platinum package (2cc).

Take advantage of this Limited Time Offer with an assurance of earning Over N500k OR ₦2.3M ($7300)  by the 15th of next month

If you are Hungry for more $uccess, we will also show you how to :

 1. Earn 7 figures monthly as a recognized Member of the FLP Millionaires Club ★☆

 2. Qualify for a (tear rubber) brand new car of your choice ★☆


 3. Join us in an exotic all expense paid international vacation in Stockholm, Sweden by 2019! ★☆

All made possible with a special online “Automated Marketing System (AMS)”.

Whats the AMS?

This a collection of special digital marketing tools we use to help us make sales effortlessly targeting the right audience and also allows us to identify & recruit like minded 7 figure entrepreneurs. 

If you have not downloaded the “Business report in PDF on this, contact me to send it to you asap.  

To get started,  send us your FLP ID number and Full Name to confirm if you are qualified to participate.  

If you don’t have your “FBO ID” yet, Click the link below to get yours

»» ««

NOTE : FBO ID (Forever Business Owner ID#) is your international business licence number to operate and earn globally with Forever Living. 

Its achievable

….   ★☆

…feel free to call  me for further clarifications. 

Call/ Whatsapp :2348067477494   

Signed : LCGA  ( Life Changing Group Academy ) 

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