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Fibroid Care Pak


The Fibroid care Pak contains powerful organic herbal blend with enzymes designed to shrink single and multiple uterine fibroid s, reduce excess estrogen and symptoms of fibroid including heavy bleeding, blood clotting, cramping, pains, excess tissues, increase circulation to the reproductive organs and enhance chances of conception. Can be taken by women of all ages even after menopause, Prevents and shrink fibroid.

Natural herbal remedy to shrink uterine fibroid tumors, products combination in Fibro Fit remover pack is designed to shrink Fibroid s, and reduce the symptoms of fibroid s, including heavy bleeding, cramps, pain and pressure.


Finally, Everything You Need To Know To Permanently Get Rid Of FIBROID Forever!

Dear Struggling Fibroid Patient,

To begin with, we are aware of what you are going through right now, as we have experience of a neighbor who had the problem of fibroid to the extent she had to allow herself to the pains of surgery.

Unfortunately for her, the first surgery she did resulted to another fibroid growth. She had to go for a second surgery.

After the second surgery, she breathed a sigh of relief…

When she went to see her doctor almost 24 months after the second surgery to check if she is pregnant, she was told, that the fibroid growth had re-surfaced a 3rd time.

She was frustrated, angry, and so disappointed that she promised herself NEVER to go for a 3rd surgery.

She wondered to herself ...

“Will I continue to spend hundreds of thousands of Naira nearly every year for surgery?”

She promised to find a natural solution to her infertility problems, and that is exactly what she did.

You Too Can Now Finally Get Rid Of Fibroid And This Actually Works !

According to a medical report, 5 In 6 women in Nigeria has fibroid between the age of 30-50 years

And even more so, some unmarried ladies below the age of 30 are starting to develop tumors in their body. These are young ladies who do not yet have children of their own.


The 30 Days Fibroid Care Pak is N67,950

You may or may not need more than the 30 days Fibroid care Pak, kindly ensure you send your current pelvic scan report to us so as to know the right recommendation for you. 

Is any of this common to you?

Do you experiencing pains during sex?

Frequent painful urination?

Heavy menstrual period?

Abdominal swelling?

Gush Of blood as though water is coming out from the tap?

Backache or leg pains?

Then you need to take this serious!

The last option of getting treated with fibroid is usually surgery which also means that there is a chance the womb maybe affected. 

But aside that, surgery is also expensive  and it is not a permanent solution to fibroid removal because it will still grow back. 

Your sure bet is to avoid it except you don’t mind coming back for another surgery.

See what others are saying:

“I was about to go for surgery with the advice of my doctor due to 3 fairly large and painful fibroids that I was suffering from for more than 6 months. I just wish I had found this natural solution sooner. It would have saved me a lot of fear and sleepless nights. The products were very helpful as well as the diet tips/plans. Please keep sending me those emails. I’m happy to let you know that the last scan I went for showed that the fibroids had shrunk by about 70%. My periods are much consistent now, and I hardly experience any pain. I really thank God for this. Thank you so much for your support and guidance.
Mrs Gbemisola
An Ongoing User of Fibroid Care
Before I came in contact with this products, I had been diagnosed with fibroids/ovarian cyst on 15th of February 2010. I was bleeding twice monthly with severe pains and I had to wear diapers everywhere. Whenever I was bleeding I usually experience paralysis from my waist to my legs. I had bled for a month non-stop before. As time went on, I was scheduled for a major surgery on 19th of May 2011. I could no longer wear white which is my best colour because of my excessive bleeding, I started wearing dark colours. This went on for 2 years till I met a friend who recommended these products to me. Lo and behold! I started having a normal pain-free periods after taking the health supplements which eventually helped me to push out the fibroids. I have gone for several tests and scan since then and the doctors could not find the fibroid/cyst. I have been touched by this amazing product”.
Onyekachi Charity
“Four months ago, I was scheduled for an operation to remove a fairly large fibroid (approx. 7 cm), which had caused me a great deal of pelvic pain and pressure on my bladder. The doctor insisted that there was no other choice but to go under the knife and I had reluctantly agreed. It was approx. 2 months prior to the surgery when somebody referred my husband to your website. With the help of my loving husband, I started the Fibroids remover program and 4 weeks later I was scheduled for an ultrasound check: it was shocking. The fibroid had decreased in size to 2.1cm and now am completely free of the terrible pain. Thanks for your guidance.
Mrs Korede

So What Makes This Product Safe to Use and Why Would I Even Recommend It To You?

The products has the prestigious Kosher Seal (which makes it acceptable to the Jews. The Jews don’t take anything that isn’t 100% natural. Infact, they don’t even take bread with yeast! They believe in no additives.

It has other seals including the Halal and Islamic seals as well. (These are Seals of highest form of purity including our own NAFDAC in Nigeria).

And the best part is that, just making use of this Fibroid care pack has actually helped a lot of people to get rid of the fibroid in their system.

Here is what is inside the “Fibroid Care” Pack:

✔ Cranberry Mellow Apple Your liver is constantly working to eliminate toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and other impurities from the blood. We are exposed to environmental toxins each day. Excess toxins that our bodies cannot filter which stored in our body, that is why regular internal cleansing is recommended for optimal health.

Excess hormones are also processed through the liver. Proper liver health is essential to hormonal balance.  helps for Urinary Tract and Liver Cleanser it also including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids that are essential for good health.

✔ Yin Tonic  :This is Chinese fruit that has been used for centuries for energy, enhancement of complexion and vision with very strong antioxidant of vitamin C and E which is needed in the body.

✔ Aloe Barbadensis  Besides its reputation as a cleanser for the urinary tract, cranberries provide a high content of vitamin C. It’s a natural source of healthful proanthocyanidins, which helps to  remove harmful free oxygen radicals from the cells.

Total immune support  : Besides Forever ImmuBlend is used to correct hormonal imbalances in women which are responsible for symptoms of PMS/PMT and menopause such as abdominal cramps, acne, low blood sugar (cravings), hot flashes, and depression (from low estrogen). 

Because Forever ImmuBlend stimulates your body to produce the right quantities of hormones, you can be less reliant on hormone pills or injections which can have long-term negative effects.

The estrogen hormone contributes to fibroids by stimulating unwanted cell growth. It work to metabolize and get rid of excess estrogen, which in turn helps to shrink uterine fibroids

✔ Odorless Garlic Concentrate : Aside from the fact that it helps to strengthen the immune system in the body, it also helps in the lowering of blood cholesterol. With its strong powerful antioxidant and control of blood pressure in the body.

Through its support of the immune system garlic has been shown to neutralize free radicals in the bloodstream, which if left unchecked can damage healthy cells. The International Food and Information Council (IFIC) cites many examples where garlic effectively offers protection against these free radicals!

 This is to be used for 30 days.


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