How To Make Payment for Your Orders

Learn the step-by-step process on how to make payment for your orders securely and efficiently.

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If you have been to our online retail store page and for some reason you just could not find your favorite products in your Country of residence online OR you wanted to participate in a special promo only organized by Health First Pro Team OR   you visited our online shop page but could not make your payment successfully, then you are welcome to proceed on how to make your purchase alternatively through our company bank account steps shown below :

Step 1 of 3

to make your payment into the specified company bank account

After confirming from the admin of Health First Pro Team on the availability and the total cost of what you intend to purchase, you can now pay the total sum of product(s) price of your choice into Company bank account with the bank details below:

Bank details

Bank name:

Accont name :

Naira account # :
005 193 4449

US Dollar account # :
005 244 8271

Make your payment directly into our bank account Above. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. Your order won’t be shipped until the funds are confirmed in our bank account.

Be sure to confirm from Health First Pro team the total amount and availability of  any of the Wellness Package(s) you are ordering, before making your payment to the company bank account above.

Step 2 of 3

After making payment, make sure you send snapshot of your payment to us on WhatsApp or send your payment details through SMS to :2348067477494 OR email : [email protected] 

Kindly make sure the subject of the email reads below :

Purchase of Products Name(s),
e.g. : Purchase of 6 Months Women Fertility Packs

The payment details you are to send are :

Promo Code # : NG000994809
1#. Your Full name
2#. Amount Paid
3#. Package paid for
4#. Date of payment
5#. Phone number
6#. Email address
7#. Detailed Delivery address

Ensure your delivery address is well detailed and it must include your Town / City, L.G.A., State & Country of residence. 

As soon as your bank payment is confirmed, your Product(s) will be processed immediately.

We do home delivery to any part of the country with our FedEX – Express Courier Service provider and this will attract an extra fee which is not fixed but can only be determined by your location. So, remember to send us your detailed location after payment so that your delivery fee will be calculated accordingly. 


As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive an SMS acknowledgment from us. We will request for your detailed delivery address . Your Package will be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria or outside Nigeria through our safe and secured FedEX Courier Delivery Service Company within 3 to 8 working days in Nigeria and 10 to 20 working days outside Nigeria.

 If you are in Ghana, UK, UAE, South Africa, USA, Canada, Spain, or any country outside Nigeria, even if you are a Nigerian provided your delivery address is not in Nigeria, kindly pay into our US Dollars company bank account. You can follow the easy steps on how to do that in the STEP 3 of 3  below.

Step 3 of 3

If your delivery location is outside Nigeria, then please ensure you do not pay to our Naira account, pay into the US Dollars company account instead. The Naira company bank account is only for clients who are located in Nigeria only.

Please ensure you confirm from us the total cost of what you want to order in US Dollars so that your products can be delivered to you on time.

If for any reason you are finding it difficult to pay into our company US Dollars account, then please follow the steps in this article below:

It shows you simple steps to follow to transfer funds easily using SENDWAVE into our GTB US Dollars account.

After your payment, ensure to contact us as mentioned in STEP 2


Are You New with us?

If for any reason this is your first time of ordering from us, and for a good reason you are skeptical, please don’t feel bad about your doubts, all you need is an assurance that you are in the right place. 

Kindly read through the comments below from those who paid to our company account and how they received their products at their doorstep. 

# Payment of N78,900

From: Mrs Uchenna

# Payment of N249,800

From: Mrs Shola

# Payment of N210,000

From: Mrs Kelechi

# Payment of N79,800

From : Mrs Rebecca

#Payment of N227,800

From : Mrs Ajayi

# Payment of N37,800

From: Mrs Hassan

# Payment of N39,400

From: Mrs Loretta

# Payment of N122,900

From: Mrs Chinenye

# Payment of N78,952

From: Mrs Olagoke

# Payment of N178,000

From: Mrs Blessing

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority!

From the feedback above you can see that delivering our clients products so that they share their beautiful testimony is very important to us.

And these are just the few out of hundreds of pay before delivery we have done and been doing since 2012. Some even send payment to the company account without calling us, though we don’t encourage that because we want us to discuss and know if what you are ordering for is still available at the price you have in mind …

Frequently Asked Question

Find answers to common questions about how to make your orders to the company account and deliveries for both local and international clients


Yes, it is possible to pay for your order before it is delivered. And we encourage everyone to make payment to the company account stated above so as to ensure that your orders are processed and shipped as quickly as possible

You can make a pre-payment for your order by sending your payment to the company account mentioned above and you can pay using the provided payment method such as bank transfer, credit or debit card.

This may vary depending on when we are offering promo. And sometimes we may offer discounts or promotions for pre-paying for an order, but to be sure, we suggest you call us to be sure if the promo is available.


We accept both credit or debit card and bank transfers.

Yes, you can make pay it you are located outside Nigeria. all you need to do is to pay into the US Dollars company account following the steps highlighted above in Step 3 of 3

We take security and protection of customer’s information seriously. Our SSL encryption and payment gateway protection ensure that your payment is secure and protected.

Can't remember what to pay for?

If you can’t remember what you need to pay for or you are not sure about the total cost of what was recommended for your treatment, feel free to chat with us directly on Whatsapp or call us right away. 

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