Testimony of Payment Made To Company Bank Account

If you have been wondering if you will ever receive your products if you pay into our company bank account:

Bank Name – GTBank
Account Name – TRUE LEVERAGE
Account Number – 005 193 4449 

well wait until you hear from just few out of many who have paid to our company account. 

1. Payment of #78,900 made

Mrs Uchenna’s Testimony

2. Payment of #78,900 made

Mrs Rebecca’s Testimony 

3Payment of #37, 800 made 

Mrs Hassan’s Testimony

4. Payment of #39,400 made 

Mrs Loretta’s Testimony

So there we go, everybody can not choose to be bad, we are in the business of helping people and once we receive and confirm your payment made, we will deliver your products to your doorstep . 

So go ahead and make your payment asap. But remember to send us the payment details or call us once you have made your payment.

Let us know which of the wellness pack you are ordering for and do ensure to call us before making your payment. 

Your Friend & Coach

Call / Whatsapp : +2348067477494

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