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Meet Mrs Princess, an hairdresser for 11years with no educational background like many of us have. No bsc, no PhD and no certificate to speak queens English like many of us.

She is today a Sapphire Manager in the business. A Sapphire Manager has 9 direct managers and earns between 3- 5 Million naira on monthly basis.

My question to you is: With all your qualifications and your queens English, are you earning that much on monthly basis?

Are you earning half of that to start with on monthly basis ?

Can you even earn that in your current JOB without EFCC inviting you for explanation?

Its time to be honest with ourselves and tell ourselves the gospel truth if no one is willing or bold enough to tell us the truth.

It is good to Go To School and Get a Good grade, but to Make Legal Money and be financially FREE is a course we were not thought in school.

Sometimes in life, we need to learn to  drop our academic & professional arrogance when we see people like her doing well financially.

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And lets me show you how to work Less and Earn More.

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