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How to Love your baby without financial worries

Right from the day you confirmed the good news of your pregnancy, it was from one new discovery to another. From one test to another. You had to keep up with appointments with your trusted doctor to confirm your baby’s health, you had to make sure you don’t miss your appointed date of anti natal. 
You have to keep up with taking your essential vitamins like the B12 series perhaps fortified with folic acid so as to prevent birth defect of the spine and brain, you had to take your the needed form of Omega 3 that will help normalize triglyceride levels, which affect the health of the heart, blood vessels, brain of your unborn child.
You went on giving up unhealthy lifestyles such as drinking of carbonated drinks and replacing it with drinks containing cranberry juice found in berry nectar so as to cleanse your urinary tract of any trace of infection.
As you approached your second trimester, you had to cope with vomiting at every attempt to eat your normal food. Carbonated drinks containing gas like Sprite and Seven Up that will make you belch was a nice option but the moment you weighed “gain over the pain” of sugar as the hidden side effect, you decided to settle down with settle for mangosteen and Pomegranate   as a healthier option with extra benefits. 
All pregnant women lost their right to confidently sleep on their back (for the long period of 9 months that looks like 900 years) and replaced it with the SOS (sleep on side) position and preferably, the left position since it increases the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby. 
Every where they go seems like oven, Some Pregnant women wish everyone could go blind so they could walk naked on the street while shopping. 
Some pregnant woman had to struggle like apostle paul to deal with lots of changes induced by pregnancy due to hormonal changes and the husband must be ready to play with patience or run for freedom (LOL).
Now after this many many challenges, is it so wrong to spend quality time with your precious little angel with the cuty look?
WHY should some be so quick to forget all they went through for the period of 9 months that looks like 90 years just for an extra income or whatever reason?

Remember, the pain you went through? Spending at least as much as 6 months exclusively with your cutie angel should not be a bad idea so please why let any B.O.S.S make you forget that in an awful hurry?

If you are blessed with a BOSS than doesn’t believe you need to spend quality time with your precious infant, then be kind enough to shake the dust of your feet on his holy mat and find a homebased business in the wellness industry for mummies who loves their babies unconditionally like we have in our Right here!

If you are feeling refreshed and happy like the work @ home  business ladies we have here, PLUS allowing you the time to love your precious baby UNCONDITIONALLY, then Join Us in our Homebased Business you can run from Home. Work with Us now.

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