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An Open letter To Men Trying To Conceive

An Open letter   To Men Trying To Conceive  

Dear Married Man , On that faithful day,  in the presence of your friends & family,  you promised before God as your Heavenly witness, to be with her no matter the weather..

Now  after few years of TTC  (Trying To Conceive),  you suddenly feel replacing her with  a side chick is the solution??

Don’t be deceived,  how sure are you that that pregnancy the side chick claim is yours is ACTUALLY YOURS? 

Are you monitoring her bedroom activity 24/7 on CCTV?

If not, I will rather strongly suggest you focus 24/7 on Yourself & what is legally yours – YOUR Lovely ♥ WIFE

If you both have been TTC for years without success,  speak out and reach out for natural solutions that works!

Synthetic drugs for fertility has been proven to cause serious side effects such as blurred vision, depression,  Breast tenderness,  liver damage,  ovarian cancer,  just to mention a few .

Playing “free kick in an unauthorized goal post” to confirm and test your potency is not the answer….

When you love yourself,  you will love your wife and when there is real love between you and yours,  you will both work together as a real team to do all you can to be FERTILITY FIT

Yes,  it’s your responsibility to ensure you and your dearest wife are both fit to get pregnant.

If there are any deficiencies such as : low sperm count,  sperm leakage,  hormonal imbalance,  PID,  fibroid,  PCOS,  there are natural solutions for it.

By the grace of God,  we have helped thousands of couples with infertility challenges to conceive naturally…

And my strong believe is that,  the True God whose name is Jehovah that made our fertility solutions work for others will make it work for you as well.

Please my Brother,  no side chick’s,  your wife is the best woman ordained from heaven for you.

If there any issues between you and your wife,  feel free to chat with me,  no third party involved.

Kindly share your view if you have learnt something valuable from this article.

P. S:

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