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Legend Awards Organized by Life Changing Group Academy ( LCGA )

This is the Legend Awards Event organized by Life Changing Group Academy.(LCGA)

A cross sectional view of our distinguished guest which includes dignitaries and high profile personalities. 



They honored an invitation to witness the award and recognition of some selected members of the society who have chosen to positively invest in the youths and have contributed financially and morally towards empowering such ones to gain financial independence.   



Some of such beneficiaries is young Shola Ogunmola  with the code name – RESPECT,a fresh graduate who was groomed under the leadership of Life Changing Group Academy (LCGA).

Today Respect earns nothing less than N900,000 per month as an active member of LCGA.  

As at last month June 2016, he was officially welcomed to the FLP Millionares Club when his received his first N1,240,000.00 (One Million two hundred and forty thousand naira)



Dr Ayeni Oyebola – (Lead City University registrar) who is an active member of LCGA been interviewed by National TV stations at one of our recent Legend Awards event.


Miss Pepeye of Papa Ajasco (now Miss Eagle), an active member of LCGA having a photo shoot with some of the leaders of LCGA. 

From left to right is : Mr Tope Akinola, Mrs Gbobaniyi, Mrs Adefila. 

Thank you for going through our profile. 

If you also wish to contribute positively to the empowerment of the youths today in our society today , either by been part of our subsequent Legend Awards event or by been an active member of our LCGA, feel free to contact us to indicate your interest.

But please be sure of one thing, your support will go a long way to help reduce the statistics of unemployed graduates who end up becoming a threat to the society around us today as a result of been idle for a long time.

The more the number of youths empowered, the less of professional and educated kidnappers and theorist we see around us today.  

We will be delighted to have you on board.  

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