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Join us & Qualify for FREE Vacation to Suncity, South Africa!!!

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Your Health is our priority, we educate and provide an effective naturally solution
Why Spend your HARD EARNED money on a Vacation…
When you can ENJOY an all expense Paid international TRIP in a 5 star luxury accommodation at the Sun City resort without spending YOUR CASH??

 The first month of the African Rally incentive is nearly over, and Distributors across Africa will be working hard to achieve the incentive. The question is, are you on target for guaranteeing yourself a place at the last African Rally in 2012?

This is simply an event that you won’t want to miss. And why should you qualify for the African Rally? Let us remind you of what you can hope to expect after your four months of hard work:


By going for this incentive, your business could transform after just four months. If you are a Manager, your Open or non-Manager business could look pretty good – with a brand new team producing 95 CCs! And what about the difference this growth could make to your monthly Bonus Cheque? What difference would this additional income make to you? Remember, this incentive does not only teach you best practice, but that it rewards you for making a success of your own business. It’s a great incentive and one which you should aim to achieve.

Another big draw to the African Rally is of course the two day unlimited access to informative trainings from top speakers in the industry, motivational speaking guaranteed to inspire and exciting high energy recognitions and rewards. Qualifiers will rub shoulders with the top Distributors and leaders of Forever and network with the best. This is also the one time of the year where you can meet the founder of Forever Living Products, Chairman of the Board, Rex Maughan and President Gregg Maughan. The Rally is not to be missed if you want to plug into the raw energy of Forever and reinvigorate your vision of what this Company can offer you as our  team member.

Those qualifying at Level 2 or 3 of the incentive will be provided with 5 star luxury accommodation at Sun City. Forever has a team who are dedicated to finding you the most comfortable, the most luxurious accommodation to ensure you have a memorable stay during your time at the Rally. The 2012 accommodation will provide you with the very best.


Who wouldn’t want a free ticket to Sun City?! This magnificent resort alone provides many reasons for wanting to qualify for the Rally. There’s so much to see and do, and Qualifiers will be able to enjoy every minute at this marvellous resort.

You should make it your goal to be at Sun City next year. There’s still plenty of time time qualify, and we believe in you. We’ll see you there.

JOIN our team of TRUE LEVERAGE and enjoy an all expense paid FREE TRIP to Sun-City,South Africa come 2012!!!


Qualification Period:
September 1st – December 31st ,2011
Note: All Participants must be registered on or before September 31st,2011 to be eligible for this incentive.

To Your Massive Success,

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About Author Seun Banjo is a Home Base Business Coach, Life Style Trainer, Wellness Consultant and a Personal Development Expert who is passionate about helping people build successful businesses on the Internet in a way that is attractive, fun and deeply satisfying so that they can live ideal prosperous lives.

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