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John Ekperigin Success Story

John Ekperigin Success Story 
at the  Super Business Opportunity Meeting @ 
Forever Living Products Complex – May 16, 2012

John Ekperigin of FLP Super BOM

To be a real success in life you have to take advantage of an opportunity to be

  1. Healthier
  2. Richer 
  3. and Happier

Of course you cannot be happier if you are not healthy and you cannot be happier if your are poorer. This therefore means our state of happiness is dependent on our Health and our Wealth.

John Ekperigins Background

Teaching and lecturing for over 29 years and he has taught in over 25 schools with nothing to show for it. He has got the whole degrees and he only ended up squandering his health in search of wealth.

He maintained several Jobs with Big Titles but no reliable income. The one in particular he regretted so much that got him thinking about his future was when he was the Head of one ICT firm he was working for.

The Job was so demanding that it took every seconds from him! No time for family, no time to rest and while struggling with this JOB he had a terrible accident that left his hospitalized for months confined to a POP on his right leg with clutches.

That same day he was admitted in the hospital, the manager of that ICT company he was working for called him  and told him to surrender all the documents in his possession that someone else is ready to take over from him!

He was shocked to see himself sacked on the sick bed after endangering his life for a company and not even a SORRY About what happened from the Employer!

He got mad and then vowed Never kill himself over a JOB again in his life.

Before long, he took advantage of an opportunity to change his world so as to become a blessing to his generations instead of  been a liability and today, though still working his Forever Living Products Business Part Time, he drew a chart of what he has achieved financially as a Lecturer and as a Business Owner in the wellness industry with Forever Living Products.

Lecturing for 29 Years:
  • Position:  (Senior Lecturer)
  • Earned Total = N28,800,000  (Twenty eight Million, eight hundred thousand naira)  $180,000
10 Years of working part time with Forever living Products:
  • Position: Independent Business Partner
  • Earned Total :  N819,200, 960 (Eight hundred and nineteen Million, two hundred thousand, nine hundred and sixty naira)  $5,120,006

Can Salary / Wages make your Dream Home come True?

His kids changed 8 primary schools in a year just because he was working hard but could not afford to send his kids to quality schools.

In one of those schools, he came to find his kids sitting on the Floor because he could not afford to buy them desk and table.

He cried bitterly and promised to find a better way…

Today, his kids are graduates of a school in Canada, leaving in the house he bought in Canada, cruising their own brand new cars, courtesy  Forever Living Products.

What a way of leaving a solid legacy behind for your kids and future generations, than leaving unpaid bills behind as a Salary earner!

If he was still a salary earner, God knows he would surely have been consumed with the stress of building another mans dream.

If you don't build your dreams someone else will hire you to build theirs

He emphasized that in Forever Living, its not about your background or where you are coming from that matters, but your ability to see an opportunity… to decide… and TAKE ACTION. Work the business consistently and sharing the opportunities (Professionally) to others. Remain focused and never never give up in the face of turbulence.

Ability to do more of the things that are productive (don’t just be BUSY But PRODUCTIVE )

Assemble the right team of serious minded leaders (Not a team of people talented at giving excuses why they can not succeed or why they must fail).

Excuse will keep you stagnant a solid reason to do better will change your future for the better

You need to teach coach them to ensure they understand the business.You must keep the Team together doing the basis to ensure that  the goals set are achieved.

Through understanding of the business and working with the company policy. Believing in yourself and in your team.

Supercharge yourself everyday and always put their soul on fire in other to bring the best out of them with motivational videos like this below.

I am a Champion

 If you believe You are a Champion and you are worthy of success and you sure want to leave a real legacy behind for your kids and future generation, 
Then i suggest you click on the Work With Me directly link below and lets show you how to stop surviving and START LIVING….


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