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How reliable is IVF?

Is IVF 100 percent guaranteed and is it the only option , learn from the experiences of others who took IVF

Is IVF 100 percent guaranteed and is it the only option?

To learn from the experiences of others who took IVF. Below is an experience shared by someone online :

Good evening from here sis how are you and Ayomidotun...thanks for always putting smiles on people face with your blog.. I always look forward to your post on daily basis sis. Pls I want to share my story and fertility journey with you.. you post about the 54years old woman who God answered her pray for babies prompt me to want to share this...Am happy you are in medical line so you will understand me better..some people do think IVF is an easy journey.. even if God answered someone through IVF... oh my God.. Let just congratulate and be happy for the person. I got married 11years now when I was 29years journey of infertility till date sis is heart breaking...after much pressure here and there we started our IVF journey after 9 fail IUI circles..had one first IVF at Olive Branch Fertility clinic in Lekki Phase 1, after 3 fail IVF, someone introduce us to a clinic in South Africa, it wasn't successful as well so a friend introduce a clinic in, fail too.. the we waited 8 good month because of financial status. Then a friend introduce a clinic in Nairobi Kenya, I was there for 5 month had 2 IVF and 3 IUI and hubby had to be travelling down because of samples.. ma it wasn't an easy journey.. I went through alot..depression and lot. After all failed and no money to finance any one.. we quit... but January 2016.. I was down and praying then my mind said I should call the Lekki clinic.. I did, with tears I spoke with the doctor.. he asked me to come down.. I went with hubby he said we should look for half of the money.. we sell of of our Land and did another one in February 2016.. it fail again and I nearly ran mad.. then the doctor did free one for me in March.. he didn't collect any amount.. March 5 was my luck day.. Ok.. put of 7 they transfer 3. Two survive did everything possible to protect the babies.. but have still birth due to placenta abruption or so in 29 weeks of the pregnancy.. had to do emergency surgery loss one baby the first day and the second die or the 7th day inside incubator. Till now, I can't recover... hubby gave up... he stop trying.. we don't even have money for any IVF anymore. We paid for the frozen embryo for 2years and we stop paying.. the clinic called me early this year that I still have 4 frozen embryo for transfer but we are owing them for the 2years that we have not paid for the frozen embryo and if they want to transfer the embryo we have to pay 800k.. + 440k of frozen embryo. That's 1.2+m. Imagine.. No money anymore.. IVF journey have make us something else. So if any one had it and have a successful journey no matter what.. I am always glad and happy for them. And I still keep hope alive. Hoping one day God will answer my silent prayers."

This person has not tried our Fertility product yet but we are sharing this for others who believes IVF is the only solution to learn from.

Now, lets take a look at a testimony from someone a client of ours too that had a failed IVF twice and later came for our Fertility products and followed our recommendations.

Today their baby boy will be 3 years old by this June 2021.

See his testimony below : 

Here is also another testimony of a lady who had low ovarian reserve, and she decided to enroll in our fertility therapy, shortly after she got impatience, and decided to go for IVF, and it failed. 

See her experience below : 

Now you have seen evidences that instead of investing in IVF that does not have 100% assurance, imagine having 5 failed IVF, we not talking about 300k for 1 IVF here, 1 Million naira upwards for 1 IVF!

So friends, if you have anyone whose Doctor has told them IVF is the only solution. Simply direct them to us and we will be glad to help such ones to conceive naturally.

Of course the same God that helped Mr Lekan to share his testimony of having a baby boy after using our Fertility products after 2 failed IVF, and the same God that helped Mrs Ruth of Lekki, to conceive after she was told to do IVF because she had low ovarian reserve, but after using our Fertility detox  and Fertility women booster  pack, she got pregnant. 

That same God will help you or anyone who is too who is positive and ready to share their testimony. 

All you have to do is to be ready to follow our coaching and recommendations. 
And right here you can also see testimonies of many couples we have helped to solve their fertility issues naturally.

Would You Love to Share Your Testimony this year too ?

If YES, visit the link below to see recent testimonies of hundreds of couples we have helped to conceive naturally without spending money on expensive IVF or other expensive operations. 

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