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How Postnor 2 Leads To Infertility


Dear Friend,

When talking about getting pregnant,

One of the areas that most people fail to neglect is on the issue of the contraceptive that women have used over the cause of the lifetime right after puberty.

And I will like to use postinor 2 as a case study to be able to buttress my point to help educate you more.

Postinor 2 is an emergency contraceptive otherwise known as the “morning after pill”

This pill is actually a contraceptive pill that is used after sex to prevent pregnancy most especially for sexual partners who simply had an unprotected sex.

Postinor generally comes with 2 pills that is to be taken within 72 hours after sex.

The problem with this is that because of its easy use and accessibility, lots of women including a lot of the women reading this newsletter are regular user of this pills which is to simply prevent pregnancy.

I actually know of a particular lady who uses this like 3 times a week which is extremely bad.

Now here is where the problem is for women who knows in their heart that they are regular users of this pills.


Now let me ask you this question?

Who goes into the emergency room every two weeks after doing what is not to be done?

Medications like this are meant to serve as an emergency for those very rare times that you forget to allow your partner to use a prophylactic – condom.

So here is what actually happens when you take this set of contraceptive regularly.

Since postinor is a synthetic drug, it may make you have headache, dizziness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.

Being a hormone, the regular use of this pill actually messes up with your menstrual cycle. This means that repeated use of this can simply lead to irregular cycles, missed period and even prolonged bleeding.

What this does is that you won’t be able to easily know when to expect your period and it might simply happen at a time that you are not simply prepared for.

Some cases of using this contraceptive, it can lead to women having issues with hypertension, heart failure, stroke, migraines, kidney problem.

In other words, it simply increases the chance of infertility at the time that you need it most. which may cause why many times conception fail to happen.

And for this reason if you know you have become a regular user of contraceptive and now looking to conceive and its simply getting difficult, you need to start doing something different and safe about it right now most especially using the Fertility Cleanse right here. CLICK HERE NOW

This newsletter is not to scare you but to let you know that you really need to go through a fertility Detox cleanse to first rid away all of the toxins that has accumulated in your system.

The fertility cleanse will help to reset your fertility hormones which also helps to correct whatever menstrual issues you may have.

The fertility cleanse would help you as a first step in dealing with any form of fertility issues that you might be going through such as fibroid, blocked tubes, hormonal imbalance etc.

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