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How do i SELL in this Business?

 How do i SELL in this Business?

This piece is prepared ONLY for the benefits of all our Wellness Entrepreneurs in the house!

Ok Listen up, one of the new 6 business partners my wife just got this week asked the following questions.

We are sharing this so that u can see how super easy been an entrepreneur in the wellness industry is:

Lady Confident : How much does it cost to start the business?

My wife: You can start with minimum order of N18,000 ( Eigthen Thousand Naira ) but to move faster in the marketing plan you need to start with either a combo pack of 138k or selected products worth N146,000( One Hundread and Forty Six Thousand Naira ) which qualifies you as an Assistant Supervisor – the 2nd position in the marketing plan.

Lady Confident: Good. That’s not bad. But how do I sell the products?

My wife: That’s easiest part of the business! We actually do not SELL. We Market the Benefits of doing this business. There is a sharp difference!

Lady Confident: Ok. That makes sense. So who do i Market  to?

My wife: That is an intelligent question. Now…

  • Do you know Wives of Married Men who are tired of  their husbands “firing blank bullets” and expecting their wives to get PREGNANT? 
  • Do you know young & old who love the idea of reducing hypertension and have healthy cardiovascular systems?
  • Do you know wives whose husband is threatening to give them RED CARD because she is on the extreme size of orobosco calibration?
  • Do you know young beautiful ladies who find it difficult to identify their Dream Man because they are on the BIG Side?
  • Do you know beautiful ladies who don’t want to be a victim of “Let me Sleep with You before you Get the J.O.B” ? 
  • Do you know married women who are not ready to remove their wedding ring when going for marketing work as a Banker? 
  • Do you know Men whose size of tummy is like that of a 12 month pregnant woman? 
  • Do u know people struggling with arthritis?
  • Do you know people who hates the idea of falling sick and loves to remain healthy? 
  • Do you know…

Lady Confident: Whaoo! I know all of them! ( Feeling excited! )

My wife: Good! We teach our business partners marketing skills and how to share the values and benefits of doing this business NOT hunting people with the business opportunity or the product names.

Lady Confident: Am inspired! U know for the first time I am getting a better view of doing the business. Please, am ready. how do I start?

My wife: To work with us in our Multinational business, where u have the potential of Earning from 158 Countries, follow this link below:Work With Us Here

Our Future is in our Hands! 

Whaooo! I saw this conversation i was moved to share it for the benefits of All our Business Partners in the Wellness Industry!

And guess what i gave her next? 1000 Kisses for doing it like a Pro! # LOL

To Your Success,

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