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Global Rally 2013 Hawaii Vacation Recap

Forever living Global Rally 2013 Hawaii Vacation Recap

Did you miss the Global Rally 2013 Hawaii all expense paid Vacation?
Don’t worry, we got it covered!

Well in case you don’t know, aside from providing valuable health tips  right here on our blog, we also help our visitors like you to enjoy the rewards of having a firm grip in the wellness industry as a wellness entrepreneur. Of all the list of wellness companies globally ,we zeroed down on forever living products because of their professional standard.

So, this time all our qualified Wellness entrepreneurs were able to enjoy an exotic all expense paid vacation to the island paradise of Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort.

forever living Global Rally 2013 Hawaii Vacation Recap

The Hawaii 2013 Global Rally was unquestionably one of the most momentous and exciting events ever to
feature in the Forever incentives scheme.

With thousands of Wellness Entrepreneurs joining together from around the world, the Global Rally will celebrate and recognize the achievements of the Forever Global Community. It was indeed an event that will consolidate all existing Regional Rallies into one.

forever living Global Rally 2013 Hawaii Vacation Recap

The Global Rally event is the first of its kind in creating a truly united and wide reaching experience for
its Distributors; one that clearly demonstrates – there really are no limits to what can be achieved with this

The Global Rally encourages that entrepreneurial spirit in promoting the idea that we don’t
need to settle for less than we deserve when we were born within us the capacity to achieve more than we can imagine. Why settle for less?

forever living Global Rally 2013 Hawaii Vacation Recap

Global Rally 2013 was an opportunity to rub shoulders with the absolute best in the business, access
sophisticated and improved trainings, witness bigger recognitions and watch even greater entertainment.

Those who qualify for the Global Rally were jetted off to a unique and exciting destination where they were
introduced to the concept of a business where no limits exist; business without boundaries.

So did you miss the fun? here is a recap from day 1 to day 6 of what happened LIVE !









Awwww… From the look on your face am pretty sure you love what you just watched. Well if you ask me too that was nothing but fun! But don’t you worry, you don’t need to feel so bad because you cannot control the past but you can make it to the next Vacation. This time in the heart of London on April 27 – May 5 2014.

You can’t afford to miss that.  JOIN US and catch the fun LIVE

See you there,
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