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Global Rally at 02 Arena UK London Blasted with Mega Profit Sharing Checks!

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Forever Global Rally 2014 London (UK)
Global Rally 02 Arena Forever Living United Kingdom London

Did you catch the Global Fun in 02 Arena?
 Please DON’T tell me you missed it?

Forever Living Products at it again dazzling all in London, United Kingdom and across the globe at the 02 Arena with the 2014 Global Rally event holding a capacity of 20,000 enthusiastic fun loving entrepreneurs who converged in the happiest mood ever recorded in the history on Forever Living!

If you missed this spectacular event, honestly, even when i express in colorful details what transpired you CAN NOT still get it except you saw it life with your very own eyes for real!

All qualifiers, went home with their huge profit share checks! People like Tope Akinola the AloeT21 master, Fehintola Onogorowa,  John Ekperigin, Maria Indigo, Susan Oyemade, Kikelomo Apeji, all from Nigeria did not fail to bring home their share of the profit share check.

And to our International Partner, Jayne Leach of UK (United Kingdom), Ange Lourgan my main pal on facebook, and Rolf Kipp – (The White Witch as they call him # LOL ) all tasted their share of the profit share parade

Ok, for those who for very good reasons, could not make it to this thrilling event, on behalf of , we have arranged for a live coverage of the event from Day 1 – Day 6!

Global Rally 02 Arena Forever Living United Kingdom UK  Global Rally 02 Arena Forever Living
                           Maria Ndigo                                 Pilot Eneworo (First female pilot in Calabar)
Tope Akinola 
          Tope Akinola from Lagos Nigeria
Global Rally 02 Arena Forever Living Uk London 
                         Ange Lourghan                                                   Sarah Onogorowa 
                         Jayne Leach                                       John Ekperigin from Lagos, Nigeria
Am sure you enjoyed it and am so so SORRY you miss this BUT, 
don’t lose hope because our NEXT GLOBAL RALLY TRIP is SINGAPORE!!!

That is right, SINGAPORE 2015 Global Rally… 

If you wanna come with us, then you have to jump on stage now!

Global Rally at 02 Arena UK London Blasted with Mega Profit Sharing Checks!
Singapore 2015 Global Rally

Fill out the Work with us Form any where in the world you are and let us show you how to make waves and skyrocket your income! …Yes our Business is GLOBAL!

To Your Success,

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