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Register Online in Ghana with Forever Living Products
How to Register Online in Ghana with Forever Living Products

After much request by our Health First Pro team in Ghana, we are pleased to let you know you can now be part of our team by Registering online with Forever Living Products in Ghana!

Its super easy and its FREE!  All you need to is follow the step by step process indicated below to apply for your UNIQUE FLP I.D number which is your Business licence number to have access to a multinational business where you can earn currently from 158 Countries!

YES, you can earn residual income from 158 Countries!

With your unique FLP I.D number, you can either become:

  • a Business Partner – Someone who loves the FLP range of products and is ever ready to build the business and enjoy the financial and time freedom the business offers.
  •  a SMART USER – Some who loves to use the FLP range of products but not yet interested in enjoying the residual income building the business offers

To obtain your FREE FLP I.D#  you need to  fill in your details correctly using the link below.

FLP GHANA ONLINE Registration Link 

Step One:
Details required from You:

At the Distributor Application Section

  • Your Name
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Gender
  • Your Marital Status
  • If Married Spouse name
  • Your contact address, Phone Number & Email
  • Your Bank Account Details

At the Sponsor Section: (Required for Proper Reference)

At the Sponsor information tab, you click on the second radio button which says: 
(Option2) I know who my sponsor is

  • Sponsor ID: 234000994809
  • Sponsor Surname: Banjo
  • Sponsor First Name: Oluseun
After that you click on Continue button below the form which takes you to a preview of your application, if all your information are correct, then you can click on the submit button.

Now, you can grab a bottle of champagne and some pop corn and wait till your FLP I.D details is mailed to you in less than 48 hours!

Once you receive your FLP I.D, you can now chose to go to any Forever Living Product office nearest to you in Ghana or send someone on your behalf and make your 1st purchase of either a Combo Pack worth 2 Case Credit (C.C – a unit of measurement in Forever living Products ) so as to qualify you as an Assistant Supervisor in Forever Living Products Marketing Plan.

NOTE: According to FLP Policy, in the “Do It Right” agreement, You ARE NOT REQUIRED as a New Distributor to make purchase of products worth more than 2 CASE CREDIT in order to start the business. Except unless YOU HAVE A READY MARKET on ground for people who needs the products urgently, or you need it for personal consumption then you can order products worth more than 2cc.

Below are Price list that will guide you in your purchase:

NDP Price list:  This is the price you will use when making your 1st purchase as a New Distributor until you become an Assistant Supervisor.

Wholesale Price List: This is the price you purchase your FLP Products from the company once you are an Assistant Supervisor and above.

Retail Price List:  This is the price you will use when selling to your retail customers.

Now you are an Assistant Supervisor, what next?

Contact us with your FLP I.D#  and Full Name so that we can include you in our mail list where we show all our Business partners how to run their home-based business professionally.

You must have known by now that success in any Network Marketing company is NOT about HUNTING people to death with your “Best Business opportunity”, its not about chasing your family and friends who knows has little or no interest in your Dreams

ITS ALL ABOUT LEARNING HOW TO ATTRACT people who believe in your Big Dreams and aspiration. Its about Fishing for quality people NOT Hunting for them. This is part of the reasons why some have failed in other Network Marketing company including Forever Living. In Our TrueLeverage Blueprint, we teach you strategies that will help you become a Professional Network Marketer.This package will change YOUR LIFE FOREVER!

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To Your Massive Success,

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