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Lessons to learn from the recent Gas Station Explosion

We are reading this because we are alive, and its only those physically and mentally alive that can chose to LEARN.

2 days ago, I was on my way to drop my daughter in her school when i saw thick flames some kilometeres away from my neighbourhood, the thick appearance in the cloud evidently shows something was not right.

In order not to be late, i decided not to ask any questions until i drove down to her school and came back home. It was on my way to the office i learnt that the gas station i often go to to buy gas got exploded. a cold electricity ran through my blood stream for 10 minutes, because this is where i do go to fill my cooking, and  now it exploded !

 I was shocked and felt lost. I learnt 10 died, some say 7 some say 2 but what i can see, was it wasnt a funny situation, LIFE WAS LOST and properties were affected.  Its indeed a terrible news.

But now this got me thinking, will you stop using GAS? will i stop using Gas ?

Yes, will you replace your gas cylinder with fire wood in your kitchen because a gas station just exploded?

That sound ridiculous right? Yes, it does, why? BECAUSE you dont know what led to the explosion in the first place!

It could be as a result of carelessness or some negligence on the part of those in charge. who knows? So rather than childishly submit to unjustified fear, by replacing gas with firewood, it will be wiser we “continue to” exercise caution in the use of gas anywhere we find ourselves and follow all safety rules.

How Does this relate to YOUR BUSINESS?

You have settlled for fire wood in exchange for cooking gas, if :

1. You made a decision based on the opinion of someone who failed and did not tell you reason why he / she failed in a new business that has been transforming lives and can transform yours “IF ONLY  you chose to LEARN from someone succeeding NOT  a failure.

2. You saw an opportunity that can tranform your life , but lack of patience , understanding and having a waiting attitude made you to settle for less or a monthly fixed income rather than learning how to earning residual income or “7 figures peper rest gang”.

3. You blame everyone for all your challenges except that familiar face you see in the mirror. Oh your Govt, your Mama, your Daddy,your Grandpa, your Grandma, your Village head master, your Business coach are reasons why 1 2 3 things is happening but not you are trying your best and God knows its not your fault but those people. issorite.

4. You have tried and tried but its not working as expected and you decided to QUIT and face your former lifestyle… you will only do business when you see someone wants to do business with you, not you looking for them. when you are to do a self accessment, learn new skills and CHANGE YOUR GAME.

Yes, following those traits above is tantamount to bringing home firewood in exchange of your cooking gas in your business. Life is about LEARNING and having the COURAGE and faith to pursue our dreams.

Time invested in mediocrity and wasted ignorantly cannot be reversed. its gone officially. we need to learn to forgive ourselves and take a bold step of faith and LEARN NEW SKILLS.

Old keys dont open new doors, lets remember that ALWAYS.

Someone failed is no reason why you need to learn from them, learn from other succeeding and be humble enough to know what they are doing to be successful.

God bless us all.

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