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From Blame to Blessing: My Journey to Overcoming Infertility

Join Mr. x on his journey from blaming his wife for their infertility struggles to finding healing and hope.
overcoming infertility

From Blame to Blessing: My Journey to Overcoming Infertility

July 2018, we shared the pregnancy testimony of Mr. & Mrs. Ekpenyong.

They got married around June 2016 and ever since then the wife has been having series of miscarriage.

She had 3 different miscarriages that she concluded she would never be able to give birth again! Each time she takes in, it will be serious sickness until she loses the pregnancy.

She and her husband became frustrated that they just didn’t know what to do.

After a while, the husband decided to go for a test and the report shows he has “dead sperm” – not even low sperm count. And Doctor told him the only solution was for them to do IVF.

Then the husband came to us not because he wanted IVF but just wanted to know if we can help him in anyway. Quickly we made arrangements and placed him on our Detox Cleanse and 2 months Men Fertility booster.

To our greatest surprise, just 2 months later, his wife got pregnant!

We were scared thinking she would have miscarriage again… but no, 1 month went, 2 months gone … then 3 months… then 4 months …then 5 months …

7 months gone no miscarriage! Until she got to 9 months and finally gave birth to a bouncing baby boy!

It was a big miracle and a big celebration as tears of joy was flying freely from them and well-wishers.

As at today been 5th day of January 2023, there baby will be 4 years old. because he was born around April 2019.

But guess what?

In the month of August 2020, they confided in us that they are pregnant again!

This making the 2nd Pregnancy after the husband treated himself.

By May 2021, they gave birth to another bouncing baby boy making it 2 boys just because the man finally decided to treat himself.

God is good and we can’t just thank him enough for all these beautiful testimonies!

Why Are we sharing this?

Many times, the society are quick to blame the woman alone when she fails to CONCEIVE …

Not knowing the man also contributes to the success of pregnancy to occur and remain.

In this case, this lady has been having series of miscarriage, they were all thinking it was the fault of the wife, but it was when the husband treated himself that his wife pregnancy stayed.

So, friends, if you are having series of miscarriage as a woman, don’t just treat yourself alone, get your husband involved and get treatment together as a couple.

That is what we advise for every couple Trying to CONCEIVE.

Don’t just wish & pray alone … Take action Fast and don’t delay!

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