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My Name is Chairmans Bonus!

My name is Chairman’s Bonus. 

People now love me more than ever before because they can now receive me FREE of charge. I can only be shared with:
The #Positive and the Bold
The #Fearless and the #Courageous
The Open minded #Entrepreneurs

Sorry, as a rule, you can’t find me mingling with the Fearful, the ITK (I Too Know), The “Does It Work” kinda of breeds, The Club of Impossibility Members. In short, i don’t waste my time with anyone that doubts as much as the Biblical Thomas.

Above all, i love people unconditionally. All you need to do is Believe You CAN. I am NOT as cheap as a FIXED INCOME. Naaaa! You get me for FREE the moment you can Design the Life You Love. And that Life Can Be Yours!

Anyway, this is just the big types of me.

JayneLeach #FGR16

Natalie Heeley #FGR16
Rolf Kipp #FGR16

All this happened at the recently concluded Global Rally of April 2016.

 Can’t wait for people to take bigger and biggest types of me though…

To see other denominations of me, feel free to Click on This Link

Honestly, i am down to earth and ready to mingle with anyone who is open for a Serious Relationship Business.

Don’t worry i was designed to get Married to anyone who is READY and WILLING to be Coachable on how to Receive me EVERY YEAR as a token of appreciation for touching lives.

But,If you think am not worth having now that you are young and full of strength, please ask the retirees who worked deligently for their company for 20- 40 years if

1. They took part in having a share of the profits made by their Company XYZ

2. If their Salary ever at anytime increased in any month even when cost of living was skyrocketing

3. If after retirement, they earned anything close to what they got when they were working tirelessly for company XYZ.

Your time is NOW. You don’t have to taste bitterness before you taste Honey. You dont need to experience sadness before you embrace the Glory of Happiness.

Learn from the Experiences of others, and escape the agony and pain. If you believe you deserve a better lifestyle, such as you earning as much as you want every month with FLP through our Life Changing Group Academy. (LCGA)

 Join our online training system and lets show you how easy it is for you to taste the Chairman’s Bonus and many mouth watering incentives from that same FOREVER LIVING you must have heard about a million times!

Click here to learn more about our Strategy. 

You have the Dignity of CHOICE Friend!

Never Settle for Less, when you can Be Your BEST!

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