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FGR 2016 Profit Share Qualifiers

If for any reason, you missed the Forever Living Global Rally in Joburg South Africa, here is the highlight and the paparazzi of all that took place just 2 weeks ago.

#‎FGR16‬ , 

Now you can see more pictures of the moments. 

Jayne Leach of UK

Natlie Heley of UK

Kim Madsen
Adam May
Maria Indigo of Nigeria
Kikelomo Apeji of Nigeria
This is what I call “Exponential growth”
Emma Cooper of UK got 33,142USD in 2015 at Singapore and 
490,897USD this year in South Africa
More Pix loading…
Am loving this business more and more. A former policewoman turned a global business woman
All is avaliable in our great FLP business;
The people
The money
The wealth
The great & fantastic health
The knowledge
The challenges
The constant aspirations
The understanding process
The unbeatable fun
The unmatchd$peerless joy
The inimitable trainings
The constant improvements
The this
The that
You can never get bored with this great opportunity. 
Help someone to see today.
Remember the scripture confirmed that though we have eyes but we may not see good pictures with it.
Many would see
Success is no where while some see 
Success is now here. 
The people being celebrated across the world today are the very ‘strange’ people who blatantly refused to see or accept negative suggestions either from their own thoughts or from the common markets of negativity everywhere.
This type of cheque is won’t even bend if you try it.
Heeley walking comfortably with her cheque.Your name,My name can be on this cheque too.
Over 26 million USD cheques were given out to business owners. Would you like to know where we would be having this same event next year?
Next year! We are going to Dubai!!

And for our Forever cruise for #EMR17! We are going to Barcelona, Rome and Monte Carlo. You know you want to be there. Start planning for the qualification period beginning May 1. We can’t wait!
If you are yet to Key in with us, now is the best time to do so! Click here –>
So if you still think Forever or Network Marketing is something for the ‘Drop Outs’…the Less Privileged…and the “Near-Do-Wells” of the Society, you need to …THINK AGAIN!
If you are ready to give this business a RE-THINK and are willing and ready to have a OPEN MIND and a TEACHABLE SPIRIT, I’m offering you this business, to complement your existing Income source(s),  on very part-time basis, just like I did!
Who knows, it might as well replace whatever is presently earning you income, if you give it the seriousness and commitment it deserves!
And how about the ‘fringe benefits’ you will enjoy?
…exciting exotic all-expense-paid vacations for two,  twice every year and hmmmm…with spending cash!
…Company-financed BRAND NEW Cars of your choice every three years under the ‘Forever2Drive’ Car Incentive Program;
And who says you too cannot get your own generous Share of the global profits they make every year, in 170 Countries of the world?
If you are SICK AND TIRED of swimning in the river of excuses, now its the time to get STARTED.,
Click here ->  (ONLY IF YOU ARE READY TO WIN )

Have you also tasted this Awesome Opportunity, please share your experience below.

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