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Fertility tips for the December Holiday with fertility boosting ingredients

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We all love December holidays and its associations of homeliness and togetherness, as well as the traditions of spending time with our loves ones. But did you know that December holidays is also the most popular time of year to conceive?

Several social, behavioral and scientific reasons could be behind this, all working in tandem to mean that the top ten date of births of the year fall within September, meaning conception tends to occur in the lead up to December and New Year, with the most popular time actually being December 24th because of its a holiday. 

Scientifically, some studies also suggest that sperm may function better under the colder conditions and the woman’s uterus may be more receptive to receiving a growing embryo, which could provide an explanation as to why we see higher live birth rates with conceptions that occur around December time, compared to other months of the year.

I’m super-excited to share my tips for what to do around December holiday to try and give yourself the best possible chance of getting pregnant. Happy Holiday conceiving.

#1 Eat organically and seasonally

For many of us, the winter months can mean we crave carbohydrates and calorie-rich foods that can leave us feeling heavy, bloated and drained.

Instead, focus on eating organically and seasonally as this way you’ll know the produce is far less likely to have been influenced by hormones, pesticides, added preservatives, chemicals and additives that are rich in sugar.

Try and eat food in its cleanest most nutritious state possible, which means buying organic where you can and not over-processing or over-cooking the ingredients, and having a predominantly plant based diet of seasonal and colourful fruit and vegetables (remember, the darker the skin, the better the antioxidant value).

#2 If you still smoke, stop

You absolutely need to stop smoking as this can cause damage the lining of the womb, the eggs and sperm, but also adversely affect the health of your child, not to mention cause all sorts of complications in your pregnancy.

Minimize alcohol or ideally avoid it altogether, though having said that, a glass or two of wine is unlikely to cause any harm but if you can especially for the benefits, then you can let go. 

Cigarette smoke and alcohol can affect your hormone health, but also lead to developmental problems in the baby.  They can also lower libido and cause damage to sperm. The liver is the main organ in the body responsible for processing toxins. If the liver is preoccupied or overburdened with processing alcohol or cigarette toxins, then it can’t do one of its other major jobs which is to clean up any substances or hormones made in the body that need to be deactivated, otherwise they themselves start to have harmful side effects on your fertility.  It can also lead to excess estrogen in the body and lowered levels of progesterone, the combination of which is not conducive to fertility.

#3 Deal with stress (but not with caffeine)

Stress reduction and keeping caffeine (which is a stress activator) to a minimum or avoiding it altogether is really important.

This time of year can often lead to a lot of stress for people, with extended families coming together and deadlines to meet at work before the year is done, not to mention the financial strain of buying and providing at December holidays.

Though there is no direct association between stress and impaired fertility there is a wealth of literature showing too much stress activates the sympathetic or fight or flight response in the nervous system, leading to raised levels of the stress hormone cortisol and a permanent state of high alert.

This can then start to create an imbalance in your fertility hormones which can affect the organs in your body, leading to high blood pressure, problems with sleep and lowered libido.

High stress levels can also lead us to make unhealthy lifestyle choices to help us cope with it, such as eating too much sugar for comfort, drinking alcohol, or smoking.

Meditation, mindfulness, being outdoors in nature, having a bath, or spending time with close friends can all help, all of which are great things to do in winter.

#4 Take a good multi vitamin

If you have been on a long term contraceptive in particular the oral contraceptive pill or copper coil, beware that they may cause deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals that your body requires for optimum fertility, which is even more reason to eat nutritiously and take a good multi vitamin supplement.

In addition, the oral contraceptive pill can cause imbalances in a range of different hormones, that can take some time to regulate and return to their optimum state.

#5 Have sex often

Have sex often and throughout your cycle – I often have to remind couple about this. Having an excuse to get warm and cosy under the duvet on those cold, dark winter nights is one of the great benefits of the winter season.

Yes, the fertile window is important in terms of optimizing chances of fertilization and when the egg is exposed to the sperm, but the trouble is that people can become too stressed and focused on just this and sex can become a “military operation” rather than a pleasure.

In fact, recent studies are suggesting that the conventional advice of abstaining for a few days in between is perhaps overcautious – actually sperm performance may improve with regular even daily intercourse, so that no matter when ovulation occurs, there will be sperm available to fertilize the egg.

So be spontaneous and remember to enjoy sex – orgasms may be helpful in aiding fertilization too. This should be a good reason to get the 2 IN 1 Pack found here =>

#6 Try extra supplements

Although you need good multivitamin supplement a few months before you start to try but remember that this is not an alternative to a good diet, the two must go hand in hand.

For men, a supplement rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, E, selenium, zinc and garlic can support healthy sperm as found in the Fertility Booster for Men pack here =>

Women should look towards a vitamin supplement that delivers the required dose of folic acid, iodine and vitamin D and a range of other vitamins and minerals required for conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Omega 3 is also important for both men and women as it influences the development of the baby’s brain and IQ. For ladies trying to conceive, the Fertility Booster Booster for Women is the best deal, click here =>

#7 Lower your toxic load

The average woman carries over 120 toxins each day, whether it comes from the products she uses on herself, to the air she inhales.

Be mindful of the toxic elements influencing our environment. From the water we drink, to the toxins found in cleaning products, to the make up we put on our skin, to the plastic we use to cover our food in, they all contribute to our toxic load; the total amount of chemicals are bodies are exposed to.

Whether we absorb the toxins we’re exposed to via the gut or the skin, or in some cases inhale around the house, the combined surface area of these organs is massive, and whatever is absorbed can get into our blood stream and end up being harmful to the hormones that control fertility, as well as the eggs and sperm.

There are so many pollutants that we cannot avoid being exposed to when we step outside, but we need to be addressing the environment where we can, include that inside our homes, and what we put into and on to our bodies.

Some recent studies have also shown toxins could influence sperm DNA that can be passed on to offspring and lead to obesity and other health issues in the child.

To get rid of toxic overload in both Women & Men,  get the Fertility Detox Cleanse here =>

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