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You sell a good products ! No need to repeat your product once you follow the instructions given, you will get the result you want. Am happy to say am pregnant again after using the fertility detox cleanse once, everything delaying fertility just wiped off totally.
Mrs Bintu
Good am sir, i will need another one pack of the fertility detox cleanse treatment, my sister in law wants. The Almighty God has done it, i am 2 months gone. After 1 month of completing my detox, i started feeling somehow, i was about calling you for the women booster we discussed, something just told me to do test first. Join me and praise Jehovah overdue.
Mrs Ifedayo
I got the Fertility Detox Cleanse on 10th of June because i was having sperm leakage, anytime i meet my husband, the sperm will just leak out. So i started using it on the 12th of June. The 9th day of my detox was the day my ovulation was supposed to end, i just say let me try my luck on that day which was 20th June. I had sex with my husband and the sperm did not leak out as it used to before, i have been expecting my period since last week but it refused to come so i got a pregnancy strip last night, used it this morning and am happy to announce am pregnant, so happy.
Mrs Ugochi
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