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Do i need to buy products worth 4CC as an Assistant Supervisor?

Forever Living Products in Nigeria, Lagos, Abuja

“Customer Club told me i need to buy products of 4C.C worth N150,000 
(One Fifty Thousand Naira)
why is it that expensive?”

Do i need to Buy Products from Forever Living Products Worth 4cc?

Due to the numbers of similar calls i have been receiving on this issue, its time we address it here online, once and for all for the benefit of others who cares to know.

Like we know from the Bible, in every 12 disciples, there must be a “Judas”. So we need not expect to see less in a gathering of 9.5 Million distributors.

In that astronomical figure there is bound to be some few opportunist especially in a reputable network marketing business like Forever Living Products.

First what do we mean by 4cc?

4C.C (Case Credit) is a requirement for every distributor in the marketing plan.

At which level does it count?

In the FLP Company policy, it states clearly that only at the level of Supervisor and above, should a distributor become 4C.C Active. Why?

So that he can earn over the group retail sales of those below his level. for example, a Supervisor can earn commission over an Assistant Supervisor.

An Assistant Manager over a Supervisor, a Manager over an Assistant Manager. An Assistant manager can not earn over an assistant Manager in his downline.

So where did the idea of a new distributor been 4C.C Active as an Assistant Supervisor came from?

Simply put, some greedy Judas who decides to confuse innocent prospects so that they can earn excessively from them!

The Company Policy makes it clear that any new distributor who wants to become an Assistant Supervisor should purchase products worth 2case credit NOT 4 Case Credit!

The company goes further to state that if by chance a new distributor is not able to make 2c.c at the moment, he can go for minimum order of products worth $52 there about.

So if you have been confused by any group of people called Forever Living Customer Club or any affiliates or any entity telling you to part with N150,000 to purchase 4cc worth of products, run as far as your legs can carry you because when they succeed in confusing you, they will make their greedy gains off you and leave you with products you know no jack about!

Products are not meant to be stocked to attain financial freedom in any Network Marketing Company.

Anyone who yearns to be successful must learn how to professionally promote his/her pry business using attraction marketing, article marketing,and other web 2.0  based platforms for proffessional Networkers
NOT SWINDLING innocent prospects with the idea of illegal parting with huge sum to get 4C.C Worth of products as an Assistant Supervisor.

I hope i have been able to clarify this issue. Please Don’t be carried away with any of such sweet talks…INSIST on coming to the FLP Company where you will learn the truth!

Don’t be a victim.

And if you really care to build your business on a pillar of truth, then its better you partner with a team with integrity that trains you on how to be a leader everyone wants to follow. A team that teach you how to lea with value, a team that shows you how to bring out the best in you and be one of the top earners who are humble enough to teach you the basics of success.

Looking for such team, Work With Us Now 

To Your Massive Succes,

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