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why People Fail In their Forever Living Business

WHY Some  fail in their Network Marketing Buisness / Forever Living Business  The name Network Marketing has been abused by many unprofessional opportunity seekers who either regarded it as a Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme or those who approached it out of desperation, excitement, or hope. It’s an emotional decision. Unfortunately, this is an industry of business ownership pursued

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Business tips

Lessons to learn from the recent Gas Station Explosion

We are reading this because we are alive, and its only those physically and mentally alive that can chose to LEARN. 2 days ago, I was on my way to drop my daughter in her school when i saw thick flames some kilometeres away from my neighbourhood, the thick appearance in the cloud evidently shows

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Business tips

Meet Attila Gidofalvi Who Made Diamond Manager in 3 Years

Meet Attila Gidofalvi, a Diamond Manager with Forever Living Products.  Watch his Video about his faith at the Phoenix Super Rally Stage. He has been with Forever Living company for 3 years. Just like everybody else .He started his Forever  business from scratch. On one of the first meetings he held “he made a statement

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Business tips

Congrats to Mrs Adefila on her Brand New Audi Q7

WOW !!!! Big Congrats to Mrs Adefila who just launched her tear rubber Audi Q7 Jeep following the footsteps of our Mentor – the Jagaban of LCG! HER STORY Growing up in a small town in Ikorodu, I was raised by strict but loving parents who tried their best to give my siblings and I

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