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Can Couples With AS Genotype marry?

Falling in love at the right age is an healthy option for the generation of mankind regardless of your race, colour and social status. But there are times when the knowledge of a particular discovery can make you "out of love"  stay far away and remain "Just as Friends".
Is it safe for couples with AS Genotype to Marry?
Can Couples with AS Genotype Marry 
with a REAL Happy Future?
By: Seun Banjo – Updated : October 11, 2018

Don’t get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing. Nothing beats the moment when two love birds finally declare their love for each other. Its like having your paradise right on mount Everest.

Falling in love at the right age is an healthy option for the generation of mankind regardless of your race, colour and social status. But there are times when the knowledge of a particular discovery can make you “out of love”  stay far away and remain “Just as Friends”.

What can cause two Love birds to stay away Forever?

Can Couples With AS Genotype marry?

The minute you learn your genotype doesn’t  match!  Well there are good reasons why you may think you have gone so far together, it has to be for better for worse. Yes, i quite agree with you. I have also fallen in love before and am still falling and swimming deeper in love and i know how it feels. But before i finally fell in love, i did what many people may consider as ridiculous…

What did i do?

As funny as it sounds, i asked this question , even when we barely knew each other. ” what is your genotype? “ To my lady who is now my wife, it was funny.

“Oh please, we have not even mentioned anything close to dating and here you are asking me your genotype?”  She said.

Oh you dont understand i sang silently in my mind. Because i knew deep down the emotional attachment the passion of love can bring. It is more stronger the magnetic force between Planet Earth and the Moon.

Yes earlier, i did not have the intention of having her as a date, but because i knew i was old enough to get married, and and i could be carried away into romantic thoughts with her nice attitude. Then it will be better and wiser i have a soft and safe landing ” IF”  i will eventually get locked in her parachute of love.

So she told me she was A.A and i been A.S had nothing to worry about. We were friends for some months and before long as time allowed i saw myself in the parachute of love.

Now listen: BECAUSE i had asked before this moment, i had nothing to FEAR such as the thoughts of genotype incompatibility .So when we became as close as you probably are now, the next question was not what is your genotype? The question was how many Downlines can we have? As in kids. LOL

Now lets imagine, yours did not happen that way, you were not able to stumble on this article before you started your romance in Tokyo and suddenly  you just discovered your genotype does not match – you are both AS.

Should you just go ahead and get married regardless of the risk or should you bleed emotionally and get drunk so as to bury that love you grew together?

Can Couples With AS Genotype marry?

Well, i am not your “Medical Lawyer” to help you with the consequence of your choices. But i can at least help you reason so as to make logical decision about your future.

My suggestion is based on a practical suggestion a doctor once shared with me long time ago. I asked him, ” will it be ok if 2 A.S who fell in love decide to get married regardless of the risk?

He told me… Look, its not a crime for them to get married, but if they truly love each other, they will be happy to stay apart.

Simple. It is always  the dream of  every married husband and wife to create a future they will be happy forever… A future where they will give birth to healthy kids. A future where when they are sleeping it is not in pain but waiting to wake up the next morning and thank God for the gift of life they had and their healthy children.

Now imagine, you created a future where you gave birth to kids and one or 2 of them takes you to the hospital everyday because he or she is an SS… A future where in spite of the too much money you have you are not happy spending it because you feel the pain one of your kid who is an SS is passing through…

If you were to wish for one thing, what will you beg God for? You will wish you could turn back the hands of time and make a different decision. We are humans with emotions, no one will be happy to see his progeny go through untold pain and all this can be prevented if you truly love each other.

Your “real love”  for each other will make you to find someone who is compatible with you. Forget about the emotional attachment which is how you feel, think about the the long term result which is how your innocent kid will feel.

Few months ago, that was August 2018,  i was on evangelism when i visited a woman who is a grand mother , she lamented how bad her son inlaw has been to them, and how he has finally absconded because he could no longer pay the medical bills of his daughter who is SS.

The grand mother said, her son inlaw said his wife, has brought bad luck to him, that ever since they had their child who is now 16 years old, it has been every week hospital, and he has been financially drained that he cant just bear it anymore.

The son inlaw brought both his wife and his own daughther who is SS, down to his mother inlaws place and left them there. After sometimes, he no longer pick their calls and he is saying he is no longer interested in the marriage.

The Grand mother continued, and i warned my daughter not to marry him oo, she said no , he must marry him that they love each other and God will help them.  But look at the pain she is putting me through now?

Now, i believe, you have seen a more brighter reason why you need to out of love, put a stop to that relationship if you are genotype incompatible so as to safe your innocent future kids from untold pain.

Can Couples With AS Genotype marry?

Again if you really want to have a BIG Picture of the consequences of Genotype Incompatibility, read our Next article on  Sickle-Cell Anemia— Knowledge is your best defence

Oh please, cheer up my friend, just Don’t worry, you will surely find a compatible partner in the future and you can remain friends with your old flame.

Stay Healthy,

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14 thoughts on “Can Couples With AS Genotype marry?”

  1. Thank you so much 4 your advice. I'm facing the same issue right now. Atleast now I have a reason to think twice about my decidion on continuing the relationship. Thanks

  2. I am in d same dilemma right now,it is quite unfortunate for me bcos this is not d 1st nor d 2nd time its happening to me. Really am so tired that all I pray for right now is a medical breakthrough that can prevent such anemic outcomes.i really pray. Thanks for your advise btw.

  3. Chai its so painful o,bt al d same tanx 4 ur advice,i can save mysef 4rm ds long tym pains and i wil av 2 bury al ds EMOTIONAL LUV STUFF

  4. Yes, it can be painful. But i bet is not as painful as when you start experiencing the consequences that can be avoided and you can do that successfully well starting from NOW.

  5. you make a lot of sense my friend. However, I have a question. Is marriage only about having children? Is giving birth the only way to raise a loving and healthy family? Your opinion is based solely on the assumption that AS couples have zero control of these things. We are now in the 21st Century. Before u write such a blog think about balancing your article. Cures such as bone marrow transplants now exist for sickle cell anaemia. Articles like this should educate readers about it. This will help raise awareness amongst Sickle cell carriers as well as give everyone a wholistic view on things. Plus all dat is needed is to make that bone marrow procedure affordable. Awareness is key. Above all if people focus on wat they want instead of wat they dont want, God will give it to them

    1. Thanks Yuval for your contribution. You asked,is marriage all about having children. No, one can be married and choose not to have children probably to serve where the need is greater or for a reason best known to them.

      Is giving birth the only way to raise healthy family? No, you can choose to have a test tube babies by vitro fertilisation. Now, the question is how many married couple will choose that as an option when both can give birth normally?

      While CURES exist for those with sickle cell anaemia, PREVENTION exist as an option for those SMART enough to avoid it. Why? because it cost nothing to avoid it! Prevention is trully the BEST CURE.

      We can go round the earth searching for endless cures for those who have it but for those who loves the idea of rasing kids free from sickle cell anaemia, it can be well prevented.

      We were only able to recommend some nutritional supplements to help friends with it manage it as you can see in the suspending article about gaining knowledge as the best defense:

      Once again, thanks for your comment.

    1. You most welcome friend. Am happy you now know what to do like i did. Please do come around again and enjoy other health related articles.

      Remain healthy!

  6. I'm in dsame situation n its really hard leaving some1 dat gave you so much to remember. Well thanks for d article

  7. I am 38 i can still marry n Start a new Life so will My man i know Is Easy he Is ok and i am ok in Times of Child bearing pls do u have advice for me.?

  8. my friend and her hubby are AS. they actually discovered this during the second pregnancy and they agreed never to have another. The two kid are AS thou-AMAZING!!!!! It is six years she had the second now and just discovered she is pregnant again. I am so bothered cos I'm afraid she can give birth to sickle sell……that's why I am here.

  9. The possibility of having an "SS" child is 1 of every 4 children (AA, AS, AS, SS). They can get married if they are ready to undergo the pain of serval abortions thatis getting to know the genotype of the unborn child before three months of pregnacy and if found to be of "SS" they abort till they get an "AA" or "AS" genotype child.

    BUT remember,

    1. God does NOT allow ABORTION
    2. Nigeria Constitution does NOT allow for ABORTION
    3. Broken courtship is better than broken MARRIAGE.


    Thank you.

  10. Its really encouraging reading through this blog…I met a lady who I really like but she is in a relationship of same Gene type AS with her boyfriend and yet still sticks to the relationship
    that she wants to marry him for LOVE… Please reply..

  11. Hello i think i should get to know more about these issue now because it's starting to affect my relationship. I and my lover just found out we are both AS+AS… i don't know much about these but I'm starting to get worried becsuse i do love her and she do love me is there any possible ways we can avoid having a sicker? I'm not getting of getting married to her but from the way i see things she is sacred. ( she told me these and have been thinking about it I still don't want my baby to suffer what could have been prevented,We need to see a doctor) Whats can we do we don't want to loose each other . Please help I'm Genotype:As
    Blood group: B Rh 'D' is positive
    SHE IS
    Genotype: As
    Blood group:0+
    Please i will be waiting for reply.

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