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Financial benefits of leading with VALUE in Wellness industry

Enjoying the benefits of the wellness industry can be an over exciting fun only when you know how. When you play your games well, you will discover that their is SHARP difference between aggressive selling and attraction marketing.

When you market the VALUE of either your products by the health benefits or the value of running the business, your prospects would find it easy buying from or joining you in anything you recommend as solution.

Here are few of our most recent results that came from building value online.

1. The first  screenshot is of a product order requested made on February 7th 2014 and delivered 3 days later. The total order was amounting to N150,000 (One hundred and fifty thousand Naira) at retail price.

The first payment was around N115,000 by a lawyer i dont know from adam. He apparently ordered for the products online because he attended a gathering where the numerous benefits of forever living products was highlighted.

He decided to Google like every other curious citizen and finally he came straight to our blog and was thrilled with the values he read and without wasting time, he did what many did.

On the point of delivery the product, i was able to personally sell more value of 2 more products to him. Which was the weight loss program called clean 9 Pack for his wife and the Argi Plus for his cardiovascular health.

He paid additional N35,000 ($219) making a total of N150,000 ($938) at retail price.(One hundred and fifty thousand Naira )

This NEVER happened by chance, it was as a result of our ability to share VALUE. Nothing more.

2.  The second screenshot is from a Doctor in Oshogbo, who mentioned she could have joined the business 10 years ago, but when she goggled and found our blog, she decided to do it Now or never. I guided her into how to run the business professionally offline and online and Volla, she registered with us online, and order products worth 2 case credit that made her assistant supervisor.

The benefits of building value in your forever living business cannot be over emphasized. Achieving positive result when you do it right is NEVER by luck or by accident, achieving a desired goal is a matter of having a well planned strategy to be executed on a consistent basis and improving regularly on your ideas and getting better at it on a daily basis.

When that is done, you wont have no choice than to be happy building a solid residual income business from the comfort of your home.

This is what we call, Marketing on Purpose! 
Unlike those who think there are no people to buy the products or join the business, now you have seen that you don’t need to kill your spirit by the FEAR of what might not be. All you need to do is make that decision to succeed by Starting NOW.

It is only when you start that you will identify thousands of people who are willing and ever ready to enjoy the benefits of what you are offering .

And again to those presently in the business who are addicted to chasing friends and family to buy products most times on credit or join their business by force by fire….

One thing i must say to you , it will pay you now if you quit NOW and go selling ice cream on the busy street of Lagos, begging who cares to buy from you under the hot Sun than running a world class multinational business like a certified amateur.

Running the business, is not a do or die affair, you can leave it to the NEW PROFESSIONALS than making a mockery of the wellness industry by been too unprofessional about the business!

The choice is YOURS sweetheart!

As for me and my team, we will ALWAYS build VALUE daily using our blog and enjoy the mouth watering financial rewards that follows!

What can you do?
If you have been searching for a better way to run this business like a professional, then its time you follow your heart and Work With Us Now so we can show you how you too can enjoy the financial benefits of leading with value as we do in our Team all over 155 countries.

Yes, you can join our team anywhere in the world you are, cos we got you covered!

And for those of our friends already in a different team who really understands the value of taking their business online and do wish to have a blogging platform like ours designed by our IT professionals at a very reasonable fee, feel free to Contact Us.

And Please if you don’t know the value of taking your business online, try harder not to put a call across seriously.

To Your Success,

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