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Sonya Mascara & Brow Fix Brown/Black

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Your Health is our priority, we educate and provide an effective naturally solution

Sonya Mascara & Brow Fix Brown/Black

Sonya Mascara & Brow Fix Brown/Black

Your lashes will be magnificent with our exclusive mascara containing Aloe Vera that conditions and lengthens while leaving lashes soft, supple and luxurious. Water resistant, this unique mascara was formulated especially for sensitive eyes.

Sonya Brow Fix Brown/Black

  • Never pump your mascara brush up and  down in the tube, as it may cause the  mascara to dry out.
  • 2 light coats are always better than 1 thick  coat. Let dry a minute between applications.
  • As a general rule, replace your mascara  once a month
  • Water resistant, ultra-conditioning formula

Sonya Brow Fix

  • Helps lift and accentuate the brow shape.
  • The wand applicator delivers a precise  look that keeps its shape all day
  • Keeps unruly brows in place
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