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Benefits of B12 Plus with Folic Acid

Benefits of Vitamin B12 Plus with Folic Acid
Benefits of  Forever B12 Plus with Folic Acid

An excellent combination of essential nutrients, Forever B12 Plus combines Vitamin B12 with Folic Acid utilizing a time-release formula to help make possible metabolic processes, including cell division, DNA synthesis, red blood cell production, detoxifies tobacco smoke and proper nerve function and proper brain function.

Vitamin B12, or Cyanocobalamin, (the only vitamin to contain cobalt) was first discovered in 1948 as the nutritional factor that prevented pernicious anemia. B12 also works with folic acid in reducing homocysteine levels in the body.  helps maintain the health of all body cells, helps blood carry oxygen.

Folic Acid is also essential for mental and emotional health, a key element in the enzymes that makes DNA duplication possible; Folic Acid might help increase appetite & stimulate the production of Hydrochloric Acid, which helps prevent intestinal parasites & food poisoning;

Benefits of Vitamin B12 to Pregnant Mothers

Benefits of Vitamin B12 to expectant Mothers

Perform this first act of love for your baby! Vitamin B12 deficiency also means deficiency in folic acid, which is critical to the fetus during the first three months of pregnancy, also making it beneficial to women wishing to conceive.

Factors contributing to B12 deficiency
Noticeable symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiencies are tiredness or fatigue, a reduced mental work capacity,
weakened concentration and memory loss including irritability and depression.

Since vitamin B12 occurs naturally only in animal products (eggs, meat, milk); a vegan diet can produce a deficiency unless one uses B12 supplements or eats B12 enriched food.

Selective impaired absorption of Vitamin B12
This may depend on loss of gastric parietal cells in chronic atrophic gastritis, wide surgical resection of stomach  (such as in bariatric surgery), or on rare hereditary causes of impaired synthesis of intrinsic factor. Celiac disease may also cause impaired B12 absorption.

This supplement is extremely safe, as both components are tolerated in large amounts. It is also essential to a vegetarian or vegan diet, as B12 is normally obtained from animal sources.
Benefits of B12 Plus with Folic Acid
Enjoy the benefits of Vitamin B12 and folic acid together, in a formula exclusively designed to complement the rest of our supplement range!

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