What to know before you get a paid blogging system

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What to know before you get a paid blogging system

What to know before you get a paid blogging system

Before you subscribe to the idea of having a professional blog to run your business, here is what you must know:

  • First, you must own a business or have experience in a business so that you will be able to know the difference between chasing customers to buy your products / goods or to patronize you in your services.
  • It is only when you have the valid experience of how frustrating chasing a customer or client can be that you will appreciate the idea of having a better way to attract your customers to you instead of you doing the chasing.
  • If you don’t have VALUE to share, or if your business has nothing to do with identifying a  problem and proffering a solution, then you don’t need a blog. 

A blog works for business owners or people who want a wider way of getting their information
or solution based service across to a wider range of audience globally.

In other words, it is only when you are VERY SURE you have something beneficial or VALUABLE to share, an idea worth million dollars, so to speak, that you can proceed to having a Blog in other to make your value travel across the globe faster than the speed of light.

Without that, a blog will NEVER work for you.

What to know before you get a paid blogging system

Also, if you bought an expensive car, perhaps a Ferrari and you REFUSED to put it to use, as we explained in the LAW OF USE,  you will NEVER gain anything from having it. It will only be a share waste, BUT when you put it to use, then you can enjoy the benefits of having it.

What to know before you get a paid blogging system

Similarly, when you have a paid blogging platform, and you do not CREATE the time, to drive it with valuable contents, then your online presence is on no essence because you simply have nothing consumable your global audience can hold on to anytime any day as something valuable they got from you.

In conclusion, i will say, don’t have a blog because you know HealthFirstPro.com achieves good result from having an online presence, don’t have a blog because you know linda ikeji earns around 4 million Naira on monthly basis, don’t build a blog because you can earn a killing from the online real estate business by running online adverts on your blog.

IDENTIFY, first why you need to have a blog, and know the importance of having it to your business. it is only then you will blog on PURPOSE AND EARN THE PROFITS!

To Your Massive Success,

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