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Awesome Benefits of Been 4CC ACTIVE

Today we are taking a future leap into what we are stand to gain when we do our 4cc monthly!

WARNING: Kindly ensure you fasten your seatbelt because what you will learn shortly make cause you to jump out of your Skin! Seriously. I will not be responsible for unforseen issue caused. 

For sure we have all been seeing many FBO (Forever Business Owners) here in Nigeria going crazy
about their FLP Business. Now permit me to take you on an international cruise outside the walls of
West Africa, to see what happens globally.

Mrs Maria Clement Idigo – a Dr based in Lekki Ajah Lagos 

Mrs Kikelomo Apeji – Former Bank Manager of Oceanic Bank 

Shall we… 

If Rolf Kipp of FLP from Germmany did not take his 4cc requirements seriously,
he wont be breaking the record of $778,000 as at last year 2015, which is 234 Million Naira per month  when converted to our currency.

You can check his profile out here –> 

Learnt this year 2016, he now earns $980,000 monthly !

Rolf does not have a Bsc,PHds and other big certificates like many of us do, he has humbly found joy in doing what many paid less attention to, perhaps because of their acedemic arrogance.

He was also one of those who picked up a million dollar check as his share of profit share at the S.A FLP Global Rally.

If Jayne Leach of FLP from UK did not take her 4cc requirements seriously, she wont be banking home 550,000 GBP  on monthly basis. thats about 230 Million Naira when converted to Nigerian Naira.

She was also one of those who picked up their profit share check of 1 Million US Dollars at the
S.A FLP Global Rally  last April 2016!

Natalie Heeley was also not left out when she was caught live walking away with her 1 million dollar share of the FLP Profit share Event during April 2016!

You can see how they did it right here –>

There are many more other  FBOS around the world recording tremendous success with their FLP Business. They well knew how to be 4CC Active!

4cc simply means doing atleast 1cc in your name and 3cc or more in other new partners name.

You can equate that to the Gravitational force an airplane needs to overcome when its about to take off from the airport.

It simply will do so again and again because of the reward  of flying into  the skies and getting to Dream destination faster!

Gettiing new people in the business has never been as issue since the advent of our Online Automated Marketing System!

Click Here for details –>

Been 4cc Active allows you to qualify for many mouth watering incentives such as the car plan incentive, the eagle manager incentives, exotic international trips, exotic ship cruise and many other fantastic incentive!

Dont be told what you are missing, the last time i checked, non of these people have 2 heads. If they can do it,you can do more as well.

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