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Are there benefits of becoming an Assistant Supervisor?

Benefits of Becoming an Assistant Supervisor in FLP

You will find this article very useful if you are already a New Distributor or a “would be” New Distributor like few of our new Forever Living Product  Team members.

Some could  be wondering what is so special about becoming an Assistant Supervisor in the Forever Living Marketing Plan?

Following the  definition in the FLP Company policy, the “New Distributor” level is a Distributor who has not yet achieved the level of Assistant Supervisor.

Who is then an Assistant Supervisor?

An Assistant Supervisor is a Distributor who has purchased products worth 2CC (Case Credit) in a month or 2 consecutive month at the New Distributor price.

What Next as an Assistant Supervisor?

An Assistant Supervisor is entitled to buying products at Wholesale price and his entitled to earning 5% on the retail value of all personal accredited sales. That is, let say an  Assistant Supervisor buys products directly from the company at wholesale price for  $100 and the retail price is $150.

An Assistant Supervisor will automatically earn 5% on the retail price of $150. Unlike other companies who pay percentage on wholesale value or a value less than wholesale.

Any other Special Thing as an Assistant Supervisor?

An Assistant Supervisor now has an unfair advantage of earning close to N15,000 or $94 on every Assistant Supervisor he sponsors into his team who purchases products worth 2 CC in a month or 2 consecutive months.  

Why it makes perfect Sense to upgrade to Assistant Supervisor Level 

Imagine a New Distributor who buys FLP Products worth 0.9 CC every month.Which is like product worth N31,000 or $193.  This Distributor will always buy at NDP Price.which is a little higher than Wholesale price.

lets say this Distributor buys FLP Products for a stretch of 5 months, totalling 0.9 cc x 5 = 4.5 CC

This Distributor will FOREVER remain a New Distributor because the total 4.5cc was not made in a month or 2 consecutive month. That is, 0.9 + 0.9 = 1.8.

So it will be SMARTER, if this distributor buy products worth 2CC either in a month or 2 consecutive months so as to qualify as an Assistant Supervisor buying at Wholesale and earning 5% retail commission.

So if you are still a New Distributor, or you are about to becoming a New Distributor, its time you wakeup and STOP the habit of Cheating on yourself!

Understand the dynamics of been a Real business owner and take good advantage of an incredible opportunity to achieve greatness and enjoy other stages in the FLP Marketing plan.

It begins with YOU.

I hope i have been able to help you see how to move from a New Distributor level to the level of Assistant Supervisor.

Why  i think you need to Change is BECAUSE I CAN REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT A TREE!
So if you are yet to become one, i recommend you choose a Team mentors you to success using attraction Marketing strategies like we do right here in our Team.

If you seriously want to have fun running a multinational business with no boundaries, Forever Living is of course the best vehicle to choose and your strategies will either make end up frustrated like some amateurs do, or will make you feel excited 247 like professionals do in our team.

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To Your Success,

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