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We live in a very bewildering world. Accidents kill 4% of us. Diseases kill 96%.
Each of the diseases that kill us are “naturally” preventable. Not medically curable – but preventable.

Health insurance costs are increasing in America at almost 3 times the rate of worker’s income.
Therefore nearly 40 million people don’t have health insurance. This means they don’t go for check-ups, physicals and screenings that would detect preventable and curable diseases. This means they don’t see a doctor until they’re coughing up blood, or their spouse calls 911. So the first doctor he/she sees is the Emergency Room doctor.

 Then they expect a miracle cure to drag them back from the portals of death.

Who is responsible for your health? You.
Your health is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY not your Doctor’s!

One out of every ten Adults can not name a single risk factor in diabetes. That’s the crime. Lack of awareness, is the cause of lack of responsibility and eventually IGNORANCE kills.

At Health First Pro our mission is to educate YOU about your health. What causes disease and what prevents disease. So that you can truthfully bridge the gap between ignorance and your state of awareness. So you can proudly starve IGNORANCE in order to age gracefully.

You don’t catch these diseases that kill 96% of us from a door knob or a toliet seat- you cause these diseases by what you put in your mouth and/or what you don’t put in your mouth. You are indeed what you eat.

However, on our same Blog, you will often enjoy discussions on moral excellence and just not to build a group of healthy fans alone, we have also added an awesome entrepreneurial package (based on the request of our loyal fans), where each member can own an international business earning from over 151 countries in the trillion dollar wellness industry!

So, If you want to stay updated with the latest information on life saving health tips and wellness tips feel free to enter your details and enjoy good health with peace of mind!


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