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What do you do when a BAD COOK prepares ur FAVORITE MEAL

 We all have what we consider to be our favorite dish or delicacy. It could be rice and stew, it could be beans and dodo. It could be pounded yam and egusi soap.

Well mine remains Hot Amala and Efo-riro spiced with some periwinkles and powdered crayfish mixed with Afang soup.

Sorry, you can only try this if you a typical Yorubic man from the west side of Nigeria married to a beautiful lady from the South, who is ready to spoil you with the REMIX of your favorite.

But pardon me please if you not from Nigeria, this is one of the many varieties of delicacies we have around here.

So, am sure you have your own favorite meal? Yes you do. Now lets assume your favorite meal is the all common beans and dodo. Good.

Now What do you do when a BAD cook prepares your favorite meal? Lets assume time was not on your side to get down to cooking yourself but this time, you decided to try out different restaurants, and all they did was prepare your favorite beans and dodo in a very very bad way ever!

What will you do ?

Will you just simply conclude that all beans and dodo are scams, or will you patiently WAIT for the right cook?

But why wait patiently to find the right cook ?

The only reason why you may want to patiently find the right cook is when you know the VALUE of that beans and dodo which is your favorite.

The value simply doesn’t have to be as baseless and colorless as, ” i like beans because i heard its good for the body” . Noo! There must be a crystal clear understanding of the value of beans especially, such as the benefits of protein it provides.

Now, when you focus on the protein you must get from beans, which happens to be your favorite, YOU WILL NEVER EVER, condemn beans or treat is as scam when you have it prepared by a bad cook!

You will simply wait patiently until you find an experience cook who can prepare your favorite delicacy in that very tantalizing and delicious way so that you can enjoy the VALUE of your delicacy.

Because it makes perfect sense! is that not so? Good!

So, what do you do when a BAD COOK perhaps from BAB-COCK city, prepares the wellness industry business delicacy or more specifically, the forever living business opportunity to you in a very salty and tasteless manner with too much salt, overdose of vegetable oil, which makes it so so unappetizing, to the extent that you feel like throwing up like a pregnant woman battling with morning sickness?

Will you simply consider such beans like business opportunity as scam or will you focus on the value of such opportunity so that you can later find the RIGHT COOK  for it?

How do you identify a BAD Cook preparing 
a “Beans like” Forever Business opportunity meal

They come by sharing this common kitchen traits of a real bad cook:

  • They ring a loud bell that you need to join them in their forever business opportunity with the start up fee of N150,000 (One hundred and fifty thousand Naira)  $940 or more as a Starter in the marketing plan, when in actual fact, it cost N62,000 (Sixty two thousand Naira ) $387 to get on board in the first level of the marketing plan.
  • They promise unsuspecting prospects, that the business is all about selling products and hunting friends and family to buy combo packs they know next to nothing about, when in actual fact, the business is about Marketing the value of the business and the core benefits of different range of products.
  • They pitch their business opportunity at every slightest chance WITHOUT thinking of understanding the difference between sharing REAL VALUE that appeals than bugging family and friends with the “Best Business opportunity” 
  • They do lots of things that will make you believe Forever Living Product or Network Marketing business in the wellness industry is a pure scam and then if you are not so careful, YOU will shift focus on the number of BAD COOKS preparing a Forever Dish in an unappetizing manner.

So what do you need to do?

Now that you have seen that the fact that you have a Bad Cook preparing your favorite meal is no reason why you need to condemn your favorite food BECAUSE you know the value.

The Fact that you have a BAD Cook preparing a Forever Business Opportunity dish, is no reason why you need to condemn the business, because when you know the value which includes:

1. Vibrant health for you and your family
2. Time freedom to do what is important in your life.
3. No cap to your income potentials.
4. An unfair advantage to LEVERAGE and earn on the effort of others working with you in your team from over 151 countries… which are VALUES that must be expressed in a PROFESSIONAL  manner 
Plus lots more!

You will stop at nothing to find a qualified cook to serve you your Wellness industry business or Forever Living meal in an appetizing and delicious way, that you cant just resist…Hmmm so yummy !

Now, here is the deal, if you have been disappointed way too many times, its time you open your heart and learn a fun loving way to enjoy your Forever Living business without telling Business Lies or anything close.

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Stay Healthy,

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